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How to Get More Followers on Dribbble


Just recently, we came up with an article in which we listed down best Dribbble freebies. While I was jotting those freebies, I was thinking how designers increase the number of followers. So, the idea of listing down the tips and tricks designers follow to increase the number of followers was conceived....

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Important Elements of Successful E-commerce Site


Talk about what’s the secret mantra of making a website successful, and you will get hundreds and thousands of articles floating all over the web providing the tips and tricks that work in favor. Right? Superb design, useful content, great graphics and nice layout, easily readable text, right type of font...

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6 Obvious Mistakes Every Freelance Designer Make


If you are into freelancing for over the years, chances are that you have made mistakes or if you are new into the field you will make them sooner or later. No matter how many tutorials you go through, helpful tips and tricks you read about, you will not know till...

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Do you Really Need to Follow Web Design Trends?


Time changes and so do trends. Some of the trends continue to be the part of the world but then there are many that were liked in the days gone by but won’t be followed in the coming days. Designing is one field in which trends need to be followed to...

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Flat Web Design : Pros and Cons


None of us can deny the fact that flat design is the latest trend in the world of design. Talk about what makes flat design the best is that its easy to maintain, clean, colorful, minimal, friendly, comes with minimal distractions and the list seems to continue. Endowed with all...

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How you Should Not Disappoint your Design Clients


One of the most difficult parts of being a freelancer and having your own online business is dealing directly with your clients. If they are disappointed, it’s your fault completely. You don’t have a company or colleagues to fall back on to help you deal with the clients. Freelancing is...

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Importance of Emotions in Design


What would be the topic of next write-up is what I keep thinking about when I am not writing. During the chit chat session with one of my friend an idea clicked my mind and here I am to talk about it. The title certainly says it all. When asked if...

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Useful Tips to Create Better User Navigation


Designing a good, user-friendly website is no rocket science unless you know the tips and tricks that are favourable making the user visit your website again and again. The key points of making your website design user-friendly include keeping it clean, simple, visually appealing, using right color tone, clarity, responsiveness, easy...

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What Freelance Designers Should Learn from Dogs


There are countless number of beautiful quotes related to dogs that actually make you drool over and each time you see a picture or read such quotes, you tend to fall more in love with them. Before I begin writing down, I would love to mention some of the beautiful...

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6 Reasons to Go for Responsive Web Design in 2014


With the ever increasing craze of different gadgets like mobile phones, tablets we all know that the mobile internet usage has been skyrocketing and is anticipated to see a boom in the coming days. It is for this reason that clients are demanding designers to come up with designs that...

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