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How Should Freelance Designers Manage Time Effectively


Have you ever prayed for extra hours in a day as you feel 24 hours are less to complete your tasks at hand? If you are facing this problem then this calls for carefully scrutiny of your time to understand where your time is flying by. Time Management is said to...

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Flat Design vs Minimalism : Which One to Choose?


Flat is the in thing in the design world. All thanks to iOS7 that was the time when people got acquainted with flat design. Initially, people were bit baffled with the features it came endowed with but eventually everyone started loving it. Its easy to maintain, clean, colorful, minimal, friendly,...

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How to Create an Awesome Website Footer


While designing a website, designers need to focus on all the important aspects that work in favor and are important to be included in the design. There are three most important elements of any website design – the header, the content and the footer. Without them the design never gets completed making...

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How to Choose Right Color Scheme for your Website


Designing might sound to be interesting which people love for one good reason that any project asks the designer to be cautious of few things to ensure the success in the endeavour. Easy navigation, right type of font, right color scheme and other factors contribute in making the website designing...

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5 Reasons Why One Page Websites are Great


Designing like any other field asks designers to keep themselves updated with the latest trends and shun the trends of the days gone by. If designers don’t keep themselves updated with the latest trends and keep working at their pace without knowing what’s the in thing, they are sure to...

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What Designers Should Know About Copyright Laws


While the web world has given immense range of options for creative people give shape to ideas and earn their living, there are some issues involved too. If you can guess what issues I am talking about here is the stealing of your work and pass it on to others...

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Do you Really Need to Change your Site Design?


Web site design plays the vital role in success or failure of any online business. If the design of any website is appealing, the other things can be given the leverage upto some extent content being an exception. While on the other hand if the design of the website is...

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The Good Habits of a Successful Web Designer


We at “TheNeoDesign” focus on talking in length about tips and tricks of entering, and surviving the filed of web designing. Today’s article revolves around ‘What habits should a web designer have’. Designers just can’t randomly choose to enter the world of designing and just start about. This is one...

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How to Choose the Right Font for your Next Design Project


Typography you all know is one of the most important elements of any design piece. The choice of typography on the designer’s end can make or break the design piece. Therefore, it is very important for a designer to have an eye and pick the apt typography for different projects....

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