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10 New Year Resolutions for Designers

10 New Year Resolutions for Designers

We have already bid farewell to the year 2014 and entered into the New Year. The new beginnings give such a refreshing feel and makes our minds relaxed. During the last few weeks of the month of December and first few days of new year besides introspecting, we set new goals (personal and professional) ready for the positive changes.

The struggles we go through the entire year, we promise ourselves to overcome the hurdles, and make resolutions to work on whatever prospect we lack in. Like some people are very poor in time management, while others promise themselves to ensure there is a change in their intake as in we will have healthy food and stay away from junk, do exercise and likewise.

While these are some personal goals that one wishes to work on, we all wish to make positive changes in the professional front too. Especially those who are working as freelancers and are their own bosses feel the need of making many resolutions and work on them seriously because these are directly related to the growth and development one wishes to get to reach higher levels and see their career graph rise high.

Let’s talk about the New Year resolutions of our designer friends.  If you are the one who has made your new year resolution and working on it, we would love to hear from you. Just incase, you are still thinking (its never too late for fresh beginnings and make improvement), here we have shared a list of resolutions that you can make and work on to increase your productivity and make optimum use of time and resources available.

1. Promote yourself More

Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Dribbble, Behance are serving a great deal in helping designers to promote themselves and gain recognition in the web design industry. Staying active on social networking websites doesn’t only get you clients instead help you stay connected with your fellow designers who can teach you a lot by providing feedbacks and uploading their designs thereby leaving you inspired.  Be active on the social networking websites and promoting yourself is definitely going to work in favor.


2. Focus on Personal Projects

We hereby don’t intend to say that one should not go for client based projects but then if you give more attention to the personal projects, you are free to try out new things and work at your own pace thereby giving shape to your creative ideas. If time is constraint, you can check out our article that will help designers to manage time effectively.


3. Try out New Technologies

In this technologically advanced era we know that there is no end to what more cool stuff technology has to offer in the coming days. It is foolish not to make use of these technologies to get the work done. If one has to survive the cut throat competition posed by the peer group, one needs to make optimum use of new technologies which definitely is a wise idea.

It is not necessary for designers to stick to their desk always, there are many ways for designers to find inspiration without Internet.

4. Relaunching Your Personal Website

How about giving your personal portfolio website a facelift? Sounds good though! Relaunching your personal website will help you add more clients to your list thereby getting more work.


5. Sorting out the Finances

Earning is not such big deal than managing the finances. One who is smart enough to manage and sort the finances well knows the true value of each penny. If you have not worked on sorting the finances till date, its not late. Make this your new year resolution that you will be handling your finances smartly.

To manage your finances effectively, it is necessary to increase your work rates sometimes or ask budget from your client. These articles will help how should designers increase work rates and why should designers ask budget from clients.


6. Making Optimum Use of Resources

Smart way of working and getting the same result is making use of resources available and getting the same result thereby enhancing your productivity and efficiency. Blessed are we to be the part of this era where there is no dearth of resources and helping tools that claim to help designers in handling different design projects.

From apps to software, plugins, tools there are innumerable resources that designers can make optimum use of to work the smart way and get the best desired results in comparatively lesser time and by putting in less efforts which otherwise could be used in other tasks. If you are looking for latest tools for designers and developers, bookmarking this link will help you life-long.

7. Do not Stick to Desk Always

Working hard, meeting the deadlines and putting in your best doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the quality time of your life with friends, family and for yourself. Once in a while during your work hours, it is good to take refreshing break, go for a stroll, have a brief chit chat with your family and friends, take a short nap. This resolution can actually work wonders in giving you a fresh feel and make you put in your best efforts.


8. Practice More

While working on different design projects, meeting the deadline becomes important many designers forget to take some time out for practicing. We all know practice makes the person perfect but then this continuous when one is new and with passing time one goes out of practice giving miscellaneous reasons. Practice, practice and practice should be one of the main resolution.

9. Cut out the Monotony

Be it work or life, sometimes we tend to make such monotonous routine or follow the same work pace, style that it brings in lot of boredom and in the field of designing this has no space as it directly effects the creativity. Whatever goes around you directly comes to your designing. Make this your new year resolution that you will cut down the monotonous routine, make changes in your surroundings and do anything to enhance your creative skills as everything around you works in favor or against whilst you work on designing projects.

10. Learn Something New

As they say there is always the room for improvement. No one in this world is perfect and each day we learn something or the other be it in personal front or professional. Whether you are a newbie or a professional designer, the number of years you have been into this field doesn’t matter if you are open to learning new things.


Whilst the year 2015 is still in infancy, we would suggest you to make your new year resolutions in the professional front too which will directly help you increase your productivity. Have you made any resolution other than the ones listed above? Why not share it with designer friends? You never know it might work wonders in others’ life.

TheNeoDesign Team Wishes a Very Happy New Year!

TheNeoDesign Team Wishes a Very Happy New Year!

New Year countdown has already begun and soon we will be entering the year 2015. We are sure the celebrations are in full swing and you everyone out there is anxiously waiting for the new beginnings. Since its the last day of the year 2014 and before we step in the new year, TheNeoDesign team doesn’t want to miss the opportunity of wishing its viewers A Very Happy New Year!

Each one of us at this end really appreciates your contribution which has kept us motivated ever since our journey has begun. Your suggestions, reviews, feedback through whatever method you all opted for to reach us towards making it reach this level is greatly appreciated. Each article we posted here at TheNeoDesign was not a burden instead we loved keeping you all posted with the information the best possible way. We promise to continue coming up with more and more informative, inspirational stuff and latest useful resources in the days to come that is in the year 2015. We hope that we keep meeting your expectations!


Isn’t this sounding bit boring? Well, to add up bit of spice we have come up with a nice idea of listing down 10 most popular articles of the year 2014. Sounds cool, huh? So, what’s the wait for; hit a jump and check them out.

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5. E-commerce Websites UI Trends of Year 2015

User Interface plays an important role in any web design and this article will show cover some of the 2015 e-commerce website UI trends that you will might see in coming year.


6. Free Fonts for your Flat Design Projects

You can literally see flat design treatment in every mobile app, web app or web design. That’s the reason, we have tried finding out some of the best free fonts that will look great if you are working on flat design projects.


7. 9 Tools to Find Awesome Font Combinations

Fonts plays an important role in any design but finding good font combinations are not so easy. This article was prepared with the aim to help you all with the tools that ensure to help in superb font combinations for different design projects.


8. Web Design Trends 2015 : Our Predictions

TheNeoDesign team made predictions of the web design trends for the year 2015 and our readers liked it much though. If you are looking to design website in 2015, do not forget to check this article if you have missed.


9. The Good Habits of a Successful Web Designer

In this article, we listed down some of the good habits of a successful web designers should inculcate that will help them reach new goals in their professional career.


10. Creative Animal Inspired Logo Designs for Inspiration

This included some of the creative animal inspired logo designs for our designer friends to help them get a good dose of inspiration.


We have lot much in store for you all, keep yourself posted through any of the social networks or else you can anytime bookmark ‘TheNeoDesign‘.

Happy New Year!

How Should Freelance Designers Increase Work Rates

How Should Freelance Designers Increase Work Rates

What’s your first reaction when one says s(he) is working from home and is a full time freelancer? Wow lucky person, isn’t it? Freelancing is the latest buzz as more and more people are quitting their jobs and opting for freelancing as their career. It appears to be quite tempting when compared to office job where one is an employee who feels the stress of reaching the office on time, attend meetings, worry about leaves, pressure of meeting the deadlines and much more.

Working in an office with bosses standing on your head asking you to complete the deadlines, meet the targets is quite a different experience than working on your own. Choosing freelancing for earning your living has many favourable things that are magnetising enough for a person to take risk of quitting the job.  Well, if you think its as easy as it appears to be; you got to give it a second thought. If you ask me why I will simply say being your own boss and being self-disciplined is much more difficult than having someone making you work.

In your office job you have your own problems and issues but your bosses have to deal with many more people than you think, from clients to employees, partners and other people that work in direction of growth and development to name the few. When you are your own boss you have to do all this. One has to look for clients, hold meetings, make business plans, set rates for different projects,  do research, focus on marketing strategies and much more and do everything to earn the living.

Our topic of the day revolves around freelance designers, so we will be discussing in detail about the work rates and how to increase the same if need arises.

While one is new and is looking for work, it is not easy to make out as to how much would s(he) charge for the projects so initially one says the rates randomly. But then over the course of year, one gains more experience and realises that its time to increase the work rates. While there are clients who expect you to keep your rates same forever, is it easy to increase the rates and convey the message. It might be difficult but not impossible. Here, we have listed down the tips that we hope will help you get through it thereby increasing the work rates without loosing the clients.

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Let’s proceed further!

When to Increase the Work Rates ?

Know your worth. It is one good idea to compare the rates of similar freelancers, talk to your friends who are in the same field. If its been quite a good amount of time you have spent and you have increased your portfolio by working on lesser amount, it’s time to increase the work rates.

Can you Raise Rates for Existing Clients?

This is no rocket science question and we all know the answer that its easy for anyone to charge more when you are dealing with a new client compared to the existing clients. It’s quite harder to handle the existing clients and convey the message that your work rates have increased. Infarct, there are chances that you might loose the the existing clients but being smart and having the ability to handle them will solve the purpose. The best or you can say a wise idea is to increase rates in smaller terms like 10% or so. Sudden and big increase can leave your client in shock and wondering. Be subtle in conveying the message that you have increased the work rates.

How to Increase the Work Rates ?

1. Create a Pricing Plan 

Developing a pricing plan with basic services for your rates and top tier pricing levels will help you increase the work rates without much fuss from client’s end.


2. Develop Scheduled Increases 

This can be quite a useful tip for newbies. If you wan that in future you are able to easily increase the rates for your work, projects make sure to develop a scheduled increases and mention the same in your contract. Let your clients know about the rate changes well in advance to let your clients make budgetary adjustments easily. Drop a mail few days/month prior to the scheduled increase in work rates.


3. Emotions Don’t Work in Favor

Yes, we agree that there is Importance of Emotions in Design but when you are planning to increase the work rates you need to keep emotions out of the process. It becomes hard to deal with the situation if you become over friendly and bring emotions in between. You are working for a living and if you melt down, you will end up doing more work for less money.


4. Charging Per Hour or Per Project Basis 

Every project is different and has different levels of difficulties, time and efforts one needs to invest. So, first understand if you should charge on hourly basis or per project basis. Focus on things that will work in favor and will help you get extra dollars, whichever option you go for make sure you end up getting paid right for the amount of hard-work you have put in.

5. Look for New Higher Paying Clients

If its becoming difficult to negotiate with current clients as they are getting fussy in terms of pricing, you can opt for rotating in new clients. Fire your lowest paying clients and look for some more valuable clients. Continue working for your current clients and in your free time work on marketing your services and looking for new clients.


To sum up, freelancers too face the hardships just that if they work smart, they are sure to get paid the right amount for their hard-work. Researching is one smart way to know when something is bothering you like this one. is it time for me to increase the work rates? Look for the works of other freelance designers, compare your rates with similar freelance deisgners and if yours is less, wok on it. Start charging what you are worth now. Being subtle is the best trick. Be ready for negotiations too.

Have you faced similar situation? Which strategy worked in favor to increase your freelance earnings? Do share your ideas with us. We would love to hear your opinions and suggestions.

15 Christmas Gift Ideas for Designers and Developers

15 Christmas Gift Ideas for Designers and Developers

December month brings in with it excitement of Christmas party, buying gifts for friends and families, preparations, dresses and lot of fun. As the day of celebration is just around the corner and I am sure you all might have started with the brainstorming sessions for parties, dresses and gifts.

Have you come up with any great gift for your near and dear ones? Still wondering? Well, I suggest start your search now as it is difficult to make the pick of best Christmas gift ideas for near and dear ones. There is no dearth of superb gifts for the special day but then more the options, more difficult it is to choose. Personally, I go crazy when it comes to buying gift for any occasion. This is one good reason, I don’t forget to write about the superb gift ideas for the upcoming occasion and celebration.

When it comes to geeks, designers developers who are passionate about their work, it is not easy to choose the right type of gift which they would love. Dresses for geeks? Chocolates for designers? Nah! If your friend, spouse or any near or dear one is a designer or a developer then I can help you choose the ideal gift for them and bring smile on their face this Christmas. Here is a list of best Christmas gifts for you all to make your designer/developer friends happy this festive season.

15 Christmas Gift Ideas for Designers and Developers

1. Ps Magnet Kit

For $12.90 you get this cool refrigerator magnet for your designer spouse/friend or sibling. The set comprises 13 magnets that will be very familiar to anyone who has used the photo editing software, they replicate the menus and tool bars.


 2. UI Stencils

From Browser Whiteboard Stencil to Website Stencil Kit, UI stencils has oodles of options ranging from $8 to $75. Open up the link and check out the options. I am sure you are going to love them all.


 3. MoMA Perpetual Calender, Gray and Silver

Now this one has to be one of the coolest gifts for your guy. Users can manually move the two magnetic balls to mark the date and month. Its a cool calender that is made of injection-molded plastic and magnets, it can be wall mounted or used on a desktop. Grab it for just $39.99.


 4. Don’t Make Me Think, Revisited by Steve Krug

This is a A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability (3rd Edition) (Voices That Matter) that you can buy for $29.14. Amazon has a good range of helpful books designers and developers that you can choose and gift to your loved ones this Christmas. 


5. Typodarium 2015: The Daily Dose of Typography

This is a nice Abreißkalender mit 365 Fonts£13.28.


6. Lifta Desk Organizer

Lifta is a desk organizer that aims at lifting computer to the proper ergonomic height, offer a place to store peripherals, and keep your desk tidy. You need to shell out $125 to grab this cool Lifta desk organizer.


7. Icon Notebook x3

This is a pack of 3 Icon notebooks that is a superb digital inspiration for designers and an ideal pick that wears a price tag of $25.23.


8. Pantone GP1401 Formula Guide

Pantone GP 1401 is a formula guide for that’s a must have for designers. if your spouse/friend doesn’t have it. Why not gift him this smart formula guide on Christmas. This solid Pantone features more than five hundred new colors to choose from. Smart color choices will unleash their passion and let their creativity soar. It is available for $121.27 from Amazon.


9. UX~UI T-Shirt

This is a smart tee that your friend or spouse will love for all good reasons. Grab it for mere $27.


 10. Font Me Typography Coffee Mug

This is a cool customizable ‘Font Me Typography Coffee Mug’ that is designed on the mug and would be a great gift for those who like fonts, type, historical, graphic, design, web, and typography stuff.


11. Day-ruining Invoices

For mere $ 25,  you can go for these notepads that have been creatively crafted by Jessica Hische to help the web designers in invoicing.


12. Tees from The Unrefinery

This store namely ‘The Unrefinery’ when you open it up you will see has a good range of cool t-shirts for designers and developers. The image below gives you a clear idea as to what all it has in store for you. Also, you get nice pair of earrings and buttons here that make a perfect git. Sneak a peek.


13. Pixel PC Mouse

This could be one coolest gifts for this Christmas. You got to shell out £14.15 to grab this one.


14. Balcony Desk

Personally, I liked it a lot. One cool space saving balcony desk that give users the freedom to work in the balcony without having to bother about where to place the laptop. The desk hooks over a balcony railing to create an instant work area, complete with integrated flower box. This balcony desk comes with a price tag of €118


15. Browser Sketch Pad

This handy graph paper with browser chrome on top to sketch out your UI and website ideas would be a superb gift idea.  $16.00 USD is its price.


Have any Christmas gift ideas for designers or developers which you think could be added to the list? Drop in your comments to let us know and we would love to feature in this list.

Web Design Trends 2015 : Our Predictions

Web Design Trends 2015 : Our Predictions

Designing you all know asks to be in sync with the trend. If designers work hard but don’t follow the trend instead add such elements that are things/trends of the parts; believe me the entire efforts are sure to go down the drain. Why? The reason is simple that user these days is well aware of the current trends and wish to enjoy the best experience if s(he) is shelling the hard earned money.

Its fall time and soon the year 2014 will come to an end and we will enter into the new year 2015. Trends to talk about don’t stay or long. Some trends continue to prevail, while others simply end with the passing time. We have been talking about designing trends and here we are with what you may call is continuation. In the year 2014 we saw some really nice web designing trends that designers followed to help users get the best experience and enjoy. Responsive web design to minimalist and flat design trends were part and parcel of the designing world in the year 2014.

In our article Do you Really Need to Follow Web Design Trends? we mentioned the points in favor of following the design trends. Before we enter the new year how about predicting the future of web design trends 2015 and know which trends are anticipated to stay and which will bid farewell. Read on to know everything that is predicted for the best web design trends 2015!

 1. Responsive Web Design is Here to Stay

We all know how mobile phones, tablets and other gadgets have taken over the world of technology. More often one tends to surf the web on cellphone as its not feasible to carry laptops and systems everywhere but mobile phones fit the pockets and we carry it everywhere. Infact, this little gadget has become the essential that one doesn’t leave without from home or office.

Designers who are not focusing on the mobile audience and working in a single direction is actually not doing justice to his/her work. If people get the access of the website easily right there where they need it is sure to persuade them to come back. It all depends on the responsiveness and ease of access that works in favor. With the ever increasing number of mobile users it is anticipated that responsive designs is here to stay for long atleast in the year 2015.


2. Flat Design Trend To Continue

Nothing less has been talked about flat design in the year 2014. From pros and cons to comparing flat design with minimalism, creative flat design collection, flat design trend has been the topic of  discussion at our blog too. Flat design has been appealing many consumers and has become the part and parcel of the design world. It doesn’t seem to end infact will continue in the year 2015 too as users are easily adapting to it and enjoying the overall experience it is providing.


3. More Scrolling/Less Clicking

Scrolling is less painful to clicking when it comes to operating a website on tablet or mobile. After immense efforts put in designers have successfully included this feature that ensures to enhance the user experience. Indeed websites with multiple pages are good when it comes to SEO, however to make sure users don’t get that pain of clicking while checking out the website on mobile phone or tablet. So, to make the website accessible and easy to scroll this trend is sure to see a boom in the year 2015.


4. Typography

Gone are the days when typical typography was the part of the design world. Today, typography is actually the king. Typographic art is the new medium of style. From free to premium ones there are high quality fonts that are made available for designers to make use of in different design projects. Fresh Free Fonts – November 2014 Edition was the latest compilation we came up with.

In the year 2015, artistic visually appealing typography will be seen in different websites which means typographic art will see a boom as it will give the overall design an artistic and visual appeal. By chance, if you stuck at finding good font combination for your web design, you can anytime check out article reviewing best tools to find awesome font combinations.


5. Larger Image Size

Pictures/images are worth thousand words. This is one cliche sounding line which we have been using or hearing for over years. Design world is working on this to provide the visual treat to the user. Being the superb way of expressing ideas, providing visual appeal images are fast becoming the important part of the design world and is a trend that we expect to continue in the year 2015.

Do not forget to check our inspiration article showcasing creative food related web designs with fullscreen background.


See, these are the predictions based on the the year 2014 experiences and observations. There might be slight difference but the above listed web design trends of year 2015 are certain to be the part of the designing world. If you are creating e-commerce website for your client, we have listed some of e-commerce website UI trends 2015 that you will see in next year for sure.

The number of mobile users is increasing day by day, along with the number of different gadgets that are being rolled out too is seeing a boom, and the competition is increasing, therefore it has become important for designers to follow the designing trends that will help them reach their goal and get the desired results. You can add to the our list of best web design 2015 trends predictions that you think will be the part of web design next year.

E-commerce Websites UI Trends of Year 2015

E-commerce Websites UI Trends of Year 2015

With so many benefits like ease of choosing, easy return/exchange policies, easy payment, home delivery of the product you want to go for, hundreds and thousand of options available and everything just a click away, e-commerce industry is at its peek. Not only this, big time investors too are funding the e-commerce portals seeing their growth and development.

Witnessing the success of major e-commerce websites of today, lot many people are getting magnetized to open up their e-commerce portals but then one needs to do great research of the market, study the online stores that are already there, increase the know-how regarding online shopping stores thereby after careful selection and use of resources available should proceed further and stick to certain norms.

We have already been talking about e-commerce websites like remember our articles entitled-Important Elements of Successful E-commerce SiteAwesome Showcase of Creative E-commerce Web Designs and today we are here with yet another topic that is related to e-commerce websites.

Topic of the day is the UI trends for e-commerce websites. UI you all know is user-interface and the vital role it plays in success of any website, app or games. following your own path and not considering the current trends while working on any kid of project can actually make your effort and time you have invested go down the drain.

All in all, user interface that comprises of elements that should be well executed. The way you showcase the products in contemporary and aesthetically pleasing manner is what is important in e-commerce industry.

Below, we have listed down some of modern UI trends 2015 for you all to go through and follow while working on e-commerce website designing project.

E-commerce Websites UI Trends 2015

1. Homepage

Homepage of any website gives the idea as to how other pages will be. Its no rocket science that homepage of any online portal plays a vital role in magnetizing the users. If the user interface of you home page is not able to leave a lasting impression on the viewers your efforts won’t pay off.

As a consumer if I am visiting an e-commerce portal and wish to find check it out to see what I am looking for and  find it difficult to understand, it is certain that I will be closing the tab not come back and check it again. Ensure that the home page of your e-commerce portal is designed in a visually appealing manner, comprises of right and all relevant information. From contact form to about, return/exchange policies, sale, offers customer care numbers, payment methods everything should be the part of home page of an e-commerce websites.


 2. Categorizing

Indeed there are innumerable products that an online store can put up to let the users buy but then if you put them in a random manner, it will be difficult for the visitor to find one s(he) is looking for. It is for this reason and providing ease of finding, that categorizing becomes important for e-commerce industry. Put the different products in various categories to let users look for the same easily and without having to waste hours.


3. Product Information

When in e-commerce industry, providing product information as to what the particular article is made up of, the comfort it provides, usefulness, its key features and other relevant information is of key importance. How else can you expect a user to go for the product if there is just a picture and how much one needs to pay for that particular article? So, make sure all the relevant information is provided along with the product.


4. Search/Filters

Search and filters play a vital role in e-commerce websites. Adding these filters help users find what they are looking for helping them save a lot of time. So, it is important to include filtering and search options in e-commerce websites.


5. Use Of Colors

Best UI is that helps users get what they want without having to compromise on any thing like visual appeal, information, navigation, easy search and much more. Correct use of color combinations that don’t prove to be an eye-sore instead is visually cool and soothing to eye.


6. Correct and Prominent Icons

We mentioned this point in important elements of successful e-commerce websites. Putting the correct type of prominent icons specially designed for e-commerce websites is important UI trend that one needs to follow while designing. There are icons like for payment, cart, deals, price tags and others that ensure to let users get the clear idea as to which one is meant for what purpose.


7. Navigation

Talking about e-commerce websites in particular, drop down menus are preferred over other navigation types as there are oodles of products available and it becomes easier for users to check out the products and services a particular website offers in drop down manner.


To wrap up, these are the best known UI trends which we feel designers should keep in mind and imply while designing an e-commerce website. We all have been using e-commerce websites for online shopping, right? As a user, would you like to add any point or element you feel is important in your view to make any e-commerce website a success and enhance the user-experience?

Why Should Freelance Designers Ask Budget from Client

Why Should Freelance Designers Ask Budget from Client

I being the part of freelancing world love to talk about almost anything freelancers face, mistakes they should avoid infact any and everything that is related to freelancing interests me a lot. I have talked in length about the 6 Obvious Mistakes Every Freelance Designer MakeHow you Should Not Disappoint your Design ClientsThe Good Habits of a Successful Web Designer and many more such articles in which I listed down various trips and tricks to handle the clients, projects and other useful information for the freelancer friends.

I agree that I am not in designing or development but into freelance content generation but then almost every freelancer comes across the similar situation at one point or the other. Today’s topic of the day is why is it important for freelance designers to ask budget from clients. The answer is big Yes! Also, make sure that it is done at the initial stages before you take up any project not later on as this might create problems in future.

Every client is different! For the same kind of project : Logo designing for example one client might have a high budget while other might think the other way round and be low on budget. So, it is advisable to ask for freelance designers to ask the client questions related to the client’s budget and see to it if it suits before you kickstart and later realize your mistake.

In our article 6 Obvious Mistakes Every Freelance Designer Make I listed down a point reading Not Being Able To Make Out If Your Client Won’t Pay. Its the designer’s mistake not to know the budget of the client or make it out if their client is not going to pay for their services. See, the point is listening to the client to get the clear understanding of the project and all the other necessary things which the client wishes to convey is definitely a good thing but then having your say, putting questions before the client is of equal importance. Whatever you have in your mind, go ahead and ask the client before its late.

Here, I will be listing down reasons as to why it is important for a freelance designer to ask budget from the client. Scroll down to continue reading.

1. Professionally Talking About Money is Necessary

The very first reason as to why freelance designers should ask their clients regarding their budget is that it makes them appear professional. Years back, asking the clients for their budget sounded rude but then today, it makes you more professional. Sensible discussion on budget front is as important as exchanging information details of the design project.

If you don’t initiate the monetary topic, it might appear that you are not serious about the project or you are just a newbie who is not professional. If the clients that approach you or vice versa and they are hiring you as a profession indeed they have a vague number in mind as their budget for a particular project. Talking about budget will give you the idea if the client is going to pay or not.


2. No Risk of Landing into an Awkward Situation

It happened to one of my friend that he worked day and night to complete a design project and in the end what he got in return was not even a single penny. The design project that took a toll on his time and health too didn’t pay him anything and gave him a lessen to be clear on monetary terms initially.

Remember that point-Not delivering the project in parts which we listed down in one of our article? Make sure to sign the contract, keep a copy with yourself, and be clear in terms of money or else you will be landing up in the same situation.


3. It Helps you Assess their Need

Different clients can have different budget for same project. While discussing the project and the minutest detail about it make sure to ask what’s their budget. It will help you asses their need and you can work accordingly.


4. You can Work Together to Find a Solution

If while discussing the budget, you come to know that your client’s budget is low or the client feels you are charging more that the expected amount, you can sit and talk over this to find a solution but the key point is that you should talk openly regarding the budget and be open for negotiations.


5. Both (You and Client) Will Be Saving your Precious Time

Talking on budget part saves a lot of time and you come to know the expectations of the client. Many a time it happens that you spend hell lot of time discussing about the project and after having spent so much of your precious time when you discuss the budget, the end result is that you loose the project. What’s the point spending so much time on discussing the project without knowing the budget of the client.


To conclude, asking the client about their budget plays the vital role in the freelance designing world. We all have read this cliche sounding line-Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself and its actually true.

When you are sparing out time to read the tips and tricks of successful freelance designing. You come across many examples as to what others have faced. So, we should learn from the experiences of other people and ensure that we take teh right step. Have your say by dropping in the comments below.

6 Reasons you should Date A Web Designer

6 Reasons you should Date A Web Designer

With technology ruling our world today in fact surpassing every medium to reach the masses, offer the best user-experience, make things, information handy and much more. There is not just one persons’ effort infact its a team/group of people that work together to come up with advanced technology driven gadgets, apps and much more.

Designers to talk about play a vital role in providing the best user experience. In today’s world of technology, designing is one filed that is seeing an ever increasing number of people choosing it as a career. From the next door neighbour to online friends, you can find them anywhere. You never know your best friend’s guy might be a designers!

Okay let me ask you all, if you meet a guy and you get fascinated by his looks but then later realise he is a web designer, what would be your reaction? I am not saying web designers are bad people or the profession is not good but then choices differ as people do. Some girls will say at first instance but some might take time thinking if its good to date a web designer ?

See, its not that one needs to find reasons to date somebody or not to but knowing how web designers are like they analyse conversations in layers, they are always seen working on laptops/desktops and there are many more aspects. These indeed are not wrong traits though yet personally one can go about getting into dilemma if I should go about dating web designer or not.

Whether or not you should be dating a web designer is the topic of the day. Infact, we are focusing more on the positive aspect of  dating a web designer. Read on to know what all factors contribute in helping you finally deciding to go for dating the web designer.

1. They are Creative

Creativity is everywhere! We all know that designers are best creative people and they know a lot about color schemes, come up with innovative ideas, enjoy creative things and much more works in their favor. I mean who wouldn’t want a creative partner? If you are a creative person and loves everything that is creatively done from home decoration to shopping different stuff then you got a right guy who will not just give ideas in fact will motivate you a lot.


2. Choosing Gifts for them is Easy

Any special day just around the corner and you are looking for the right gift for your date? You know you don’t have to worry about which gift to go for. Gifting a designer is very easy. All you need to do is know their favorite tech store and go for gadgets, software, video games and likewise.  Or else you can go for latest upgrade of their favourite electronic product on the market.


3. They Always have Work

Everyone today knows web designers are highly in demand this means the guy you are dating will always have work. No matter if he is working for a company or is self employed (working as a freelancer), he will always have work.


 4. You can get a Website Designed…for Free!

This is not something one can consider to be selfish and anyone can pay to get a website designed. To add a pinch of humour this point is included in the list of reasons as to why you should date a web designer. If you ever wanted a website that is customised, your partner will do it happily and will put all the efforts and love to design a website for you.


5. They Come Up With Unique Gifts

We all know that web designing is a profession where one needs to pay attention to even the minutest detail. This becomes their habit over a period of time and they start applying the same in personal sphere too. When it comes to gift giving, they’ll be coming up with superb gifts and won’t forget the special dates. How sweet and cool it sounds to be!


6. They Are Goal Oriented

Best of all, web designers are goal oriented. They just don’t randomly work to earn their living instead they have specific long and short term goals which is definitely a plus point.


See, the list of reasons why you should date a web designer is endless but we have pointed out some of the main points that we felt deserve to be mentioned. We don’t expect each one of you to agree with us at every point. Every one has different opinions and choices indeed differ from person to person.

How about sharing your views as to what do you think that is it good to date a web designer or not ? Have you been dating a web designers ? If yes, do share your experience with us.

7 Tips for Designers to Find Inspiration Without Internet

7 Tips for Designers to Find Inspiration Without Internet

Designers around the world are working hard to come up with the most creative designs for the users to get the best experience and enjoy the visual treat. Do you think, they never get stuck? Ofcourse they do and when they get upset they look for someone to help they get back in form and resume. What can be the right way out.

Not just designers everyone in any field at one point or the other needs inspiration from time to time. You never know what might work for you. Internet is a wonderful source that helps you get inspired but then there bare times one doesn’t like to stare the computer, infact put the lid of your laptop down and just do nothing or do something that relieves from stress or sometime net is not working.

Internet has one flaw that is it distracts you sometimes you end up opening Facebook or some other website that is not kind of inspiring instead distracting. How else can you get inspiration and from which all sources? Here, we are with an article that will help you get inspiration to come up with something creative, a design that makes you feel content.

1. Books

Books, either in the paper form or digital form are the best source of inspiration. Designers can get some really superb art and design books that can serve as the good source of inspiration. eBooks can be downloaded and read when the net is not working.

Also, if you are into reading, you can carry the book to some part, a coffee shop or wherever you wish to sit down and relax. Flipping through a physically printed book can help divert your mind thereby making your mind relaxed besides serving as the source of inspiration. When you come online, don’t forget to check our article featuring latest free ebooks for designers.


2. Magazines/Newpapers

Sometimes while in doctor’s clinic, or in the saloon/parlour waiting for our turn, we pick up the magazine or a paper and flip through it and at times we get a good dose of knowledge or an artistic idea. There are magazines for almost every niche out there.  So, it is suggested to subscribe some design related magazines and also go through the paper daily.


3. Take a Refreshing Break

The best of ideas strike the mind in the silence. Don’t feel like working? Wear you shoes/slippers, go out and take a refreshing break. Taking a stroll in the park, being in the lapse of nature, sitting in silence can help you relax your mind and get a dose of refreshment. It can actually help you a great deal in resetting your mind and get back to track.


4. Start a Design Journal

Anything that we come across in day to day life can be a source of inspiration. Even while you are talking to a friend or walking along the street, an idea can strike you. Write them down as soon as you get a pen and paper or you can put it on the cellphone and when you get back home prepare your design journal.


5. Art Galleries/Museums/Exhibitions

Giving your eyes a good dose of visual treat, surrounding yourself with artistic stuff ensures to be of great help in making your creative juices flow. Art galleries and museums if you all have visited tend to be quiet places, perfect for letting your creative mind work and generate ideas.


6. Enjoy Little Things in Life

What makes you happy? Listening to music, going out for a movie, talking to friends? Anything that helps you put aside the burden of work, or help you cut down the monotony. It will help you get back on the track. When you resume you will notice the change.


7. Be Silly

You are a designer doesn’t mean you have to work like a robot. Sometimes you should get a little crazy. Laugh aloud, dance to one of your favourite tunes, talk to your mom, dad sister or brother or anybody you are comfortable talking to.  Be silly, have fun, enjoy yourself and then get back to your work.


Which place, thing or person helps you get a dose of information when get stuck? Do share your experience with us and suggestions are more than welcome. Do not forget to check the good habits of web designers that will help you succeed in your life.

How to Avoid Common Photoshop Mistakes

How to Avoid Common Photoshop Mistakes

With the ever increasing craze of entering the creative world of designing, photography and likewise, Photoshop that is one powerful tool is being widely used and loved for miscellaneous good reasons. From print designers to photographers to app developers and others, Photoshop is being made optimum use of to give shape to the ideas that keep popping up in the minds of creative geniuses.

When we say, Photoshop comes with an amazing range of features it like a feel good factor but then the complexity it comes with for the use of right kind of tool at the right place. Designers, photographers and artists are aware of the Photoshop tools and features but sometimes make mistakes that make their entire efforts go down the drain.

That’s why it’s important for the users to learn the tools in Photoshop that are actually used for designing websites, software and likewise. Do you all know what are the mistakes that not only the beginners instead sometimes even professionals make unintentionally? We are going to list down the common Photoshop mistakes that many people commit along with the smart ways to avoid them.

1. Not Knowing The Shortcuts

Knowing the shortcuts ensure you get the work done the right way in comparatively lesser amount of time.  Not just for designers, knowing the shortcuts and using them is the key for anyone who is using the computers. There are so many keyboard shortcuts that I came to know little late but on knowing them and using them I love the ease they provide while working. The very first key to smart work is knowing the shortcuts in Photoshop as it helps say time and energy. Not knowing the shortcuts is one mistake that lot many designers make. To avoid this mistake simple thumbs up rule is to spend some time and learn these shortcuts. Believe me, you will feel good when you start using the shortcuts. commom-photoshop-mistakes

2. Overuse of Filters

Newbies tend to enjoy usage of filters to an extent that they don’t realise where to draw the line resulting in the overuse. Undoubtedly filters are fun and easy to use but then going over the board is not welcomed. Overuse of filters can produce the opposite effect giving the picture an amateurish look. commom-photoshop-mistakes

3. Underestimating The Use of Layers and Folders

All those of you who are well acquainted with layers know how important it is to use layers that make it easier to edit, copy and likewise. Beginners tend to miss out creating enough layers only to regret it later. Using the layers and folders help a great deal but then it is also important to organise the layers and structure them into folders properly.

4. Too Much of Retouching

One of my friend who is much acquainted with Photoshop now, I have seen him getting overzealous with retouching using airbrush. Be it removing clutter from a landscape or smoothening someone’s skin, users tend to get carried away with retouching. It is good once in a while but going over the board is one mistake that should be avoided. commom-photoshop-mistakes

5. Not Saving The Work

Initially when I started writing, I never understood how important it is to save the work done. It happened many a times when I had done all the hard work and in the end when I thought my work is done, due to power failure or net disconnection problem I lost all my work. Gosh it was such a weird situation! It was then that I realised how important it is to save the work in between. Same is the case with anyone who is working on Photoshop. Many people keep working and struggling hard to get the desired results and in the end for some reason loose their entire work. It is suggested to save your work in between not just once but each time you move a step further. commom-photoshop-mistakes

6. Overusing CMYK

Those who are well acquainted with Photoshop know what CMYK is. Many believe it to be always the best option for print work but its not. Designing in CMYK mode in Photoshop is not always the best way out instead it should be used only when needed. Avoid the over usage of CMYK mode while handling different projects. commom-photoshop-mistakes

7. Working in 72dpi

Designers well know that Photoshop’s default resolution is 72dpi which is good for web but for print design it shouldn’t be opted for. Users should make sure to check the dpi and set it correctly before starting off any design project.

8. Using Desaturate To Convert Images To Black and White

There is a normal tendency to use desaturate for converting images to black and white. It is suggested not to do this instead go for Channel Mixer that will help you get richer and brighter images comparative to the ones done using desaturate. I agree that it is bit complicated process to use channel mixer that lets you get the amazing results.

9. Overusing Stock Imagery

Relying too much on stock imagery is not the right thing to do. Its ok to go for stock photography at times but not always. It should be done only when there is some relevancy and is much needed

10. Not Trying Out Other Photo Editing Tools

Photoshop indeed is one of the most powerful editing tool but then there is no dearth of more tools. Apps such as Sketch can help you get the desired results. You every time don’t need to use Photoshop for everything. commom-photoshop-mistakes We have listed some of the really common mistakes that designers, photographers and artists commit unintentionally but should be avoided at any cost. So, now when you know what common Photoshop mistakes make your designs appear amateurish make sure you avoid them at any cost to get the desired results which are certain to be visually stunning. Hope this article will prove useful for you and we have many other useful Photoshop related articles that you can check out.