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10 New Year Resolutions for Designers


We have already bid farewell to the year 2014 and entered into the New Year. The new beginnings give such a refreshing feel and makes our minds relaxed. During the last few weeks of the month of December and first few days of new year besides introspecting, we set new...

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TheNeoDesign Team Wishes a Very Happy New Year!


New Year countdown has already begun and soon we will be entering the year 2015. We are sure the celebrations are in full swing and you everyone out there is anxiously waiting for the new beginnings. Since its the last day of the year 2014 and before we step in...

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How Should Freelance Designers Increase Work Rates


What’s your first reaction when one says s(he) is working from home and is a full time freelancer? Wow lucky person, isn’t it? Freelancing is the latest buzz as more and more people are quitting their jobs and opting for freelancing as their career. It appears to be quite tempting when compared to...

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15 Christmas Gift Ideas for Designers and Developers


December month brings in with it excitement of Christmas party, buying gifts for friends and families, preparations, dresses and lot of fun. As the day of celebration is just around the corner and I am sure you all might have started with the brainstorming sessions for parties, dresses and gifts....

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Web Design Trends 2015 : Our Predictions


Designing you all know asks to be in sync with the trend. If designers work hard but don’t follow the trend instead add such elements that are things/trends of the parts; believe me the entire efforts are sure to go down the drain. Why? The reason is simple that user...

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E-commerce Websites UI Trends of Year 2015


With so many benefits like ease of choosing, easy return/exchange policies, easy payment, home delivery of the product you want to go for, hundreds and thousand of options available and everything just a click away, e-commerce industry is at its peek. Not only this, big time investors too are funding the...

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Why Should Freelance Designers Ask Budget from Client


I being the part of freelancing world love to talk about almost anything freelancers face, mistakes they should avoid infact any and everything that is related to freelancing interests me a lot. I have talked in length about the 6 Obvious Mistakes Every Freelance Designer Make, How you Should Not Disappoint your...

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6 Reasons you should Date A Web Designer


With technology ruling our world today in fact surpassing every medium to reach the masses, offer the best user-experience, make things, information handy and much more. There is not just one persons’ effort infact its a team/group of people that work together to come up with advanced technology driven gadgets,...

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7 Tips for Designers to Find Inspiration Without Internet


Designers around the world are working hard to come up with the most creative designs for the users to get the best experience and enjoy the visual treat. Do you think, they never get stuck? Ofcourse they do and when they get upset they look for someone to help they get...

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How to Avoid Common Photoshop Mistakes


With the ever increasing craze of entering the creative world of designing, photography and likewise, Photoshop that is one powerful tool is being widely used and loved for miscellaneous good reasons. From print designers to photographers to app developers and others, Photoshop is being made optimum use of to give...

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