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7 Tips to Become a Super Successful Freelancer 

Freelancing is an attractive option since it offers a lot of diversity in the types of work and freedom when it comes to getting it done. Working freelance has its advantages. But freelancers need to learn time management and how to market themselves to receive a steady flow of work....

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How to Open your own web design agency


In order to make a smart decision on how to open a design agency, consider all the steps required and what is needed from technology to get the online business off the ground. Potential clients must have a good feeling about a web design agency before they will consider hiring...

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10 Questions to Ask Before taking on a Redesign Project


While redesigning a website, developers must keep certain points in mind: what is needed by the client? What is their budget? Who are the target audiences? And lastly, what changes are required? 1. What is the Selling Point of the Business? Before getting into the job, designers need to understand...

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Tips: How Freelancers Should Decide Their Rates


One of the toughest challenges a freelancer can face is when it comes to calculating their worth. If you’re honest about your worth from the beginning, you’ll definitely get clients who will be willing to pay you. As a freelancer, keep the following in mind while determining how much you...

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Guidelines for business branding to promote growth

In order to have a successful start-up, it is crucial to focus a new company’s growth. One way to do that is through branding. With a solid brand and product promotion, a small company can achieve success within a short amount of time. Guidelines to a successful business brand can...

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10 Excellent Design Tips for Startups

With so many startups popping up each day, it’s absolutely important to stand out in the crowd and make people notice websites, whether they are established or new. Hopefully these few tips will help  create a better website that allows businesses to flourish. 1. Simple and User-friendly The best way...

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Five Tips to Design Incredible Infographics


Infographics are helpful for those presenting information with the help of graphs and pictures. It may sound simple, but making these infographics aren’t that easy. Here are five tips developers can use to help them design infographics:   1. Data Collection Sorting out data is the first and most important job...

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7 Successful Tips to Use Mobile Typography


Mobile typography can be difficult for designers to grasp at first. Successful mobile typography must be readable with unique designs, and designers must be successful in making their readers interested to check the digital content or text on their touch screens. Here are seven innovative tips designers can use to make the...

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10 Usability Tips for Web Designers


Let me first of all give you the slightest idea as to what the article of the day revolves around. Usability! It’s the key factor that works in favor of making any website successful. No matter, how good the website is designed, how good and informative the content you come...

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Why UI Designers Should Learn to Code


Learning is a never ending process. Correct? While writing down the tips and tricks that we feel would help our designer and developer friends, most of the time it happens that the points listed are not specifically instead some of them are general and apply to each one of us....

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