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5 Tips to Deal with Design Clients


Often as a software developer, it is not always easy to keep calm while dealing with anxious clients. All developers have faced clients who aren’t necessarily easy customers. But they are the ones who are willing to pay for services, so it’s best to work hard to please them in...

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6 Tips to Cut Website Costs


One of the most important marketing tools for a new business is a website. Depending up on what kind of website and the style and features, there is a wide range that a company can spend. Hence it is important to strike a balance between creating the most useful website...

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Showcase designs on Dribbble easily with Dribbbox


As the social media website for web designers, Dribbble allows users to share their designs and get freebies. But the most advantageous perk of Dribbble is the fact that designers can get feedback and constructive criticism of their work which will ultimately improve their designs. Dribbbox is a handy tool...

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How to Design Eye-Catching Landing Pages


Landing pages shouldn’t be ordinary. Customers must find websites attractive if they are going to buy products.  The landing pages of e-commerce sites should have enticing images and product reviews to inspire online customers to visit the sites and increase the SERP rates as well. There are different ways to...

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10 Useful Tips for Prototyping your Designs


When working on a particular project, it is better to test ideas and to see the outcome in advance, rather than completing the whole project and not liking the result. Prototyping helps designers test their work process and ideas to see if the outcome is the one the client desired....

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Trends to Follow While Designing Mobile Weather Apps


Gone are the days when most people watched the weather forecast on television. These days the weather shows up on smartphones and tablets with alerts and eye-catching appeal. Almost all smartphones have their own apps to display the weather. But third party developers are also working on creating new apps...

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 How to Hire a Designer for your Startup 


Times are changing; users are more into smartphones, apps and social networks. They want everything to be done on websites and just with a click. The websites need to be crisp and fresh to attract users. This has led to demand for designers. Depending on the requirements and financial status...

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How to Design a Perfect Portfolio


Whether you are a freelancer, entrepreneur or employed, your portfolio needs to be as perfect as possible. Portfolios are the best way to market yourself and showcase your talents. Portfolios can be digital or physical, depending upon the career and the objective of the work. Potential clients or employers need...

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