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Login form designs for inspiration

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Let’s face it – first impressions are very important. As much as it is true for human beings, it is equally true for websites. This is why creating an interesting login page is of absolute importance. An interesting login page will draw viewers to explore the website in detail. Similarly the...

Tips to create a personal brand

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The use of a “brand” is not just for large companies or celebrities. Developers, business owners, artists and just about any entrepreneur can better their marketability with a creative and memorable brand. A brand, basically helps businesses or individuals to create an image for everything they do so that it...

20 Creative One-Page Websites for Inspiration

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The latest trend in website development is writing as short as possible while being as creative as possible. With single page websites, developers have to showcase all the elements creatively and precisely. There is no room for error. These websites are good for products, businesses, or portfolios where data doesn’t...

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