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Handwritten Fonts in Web Design : 35+ Great Examples


There is an immense range of cool fonts available for designers to make their pick. Handwritten fonts to talk about are drawn with the help of writing instruments like pen, pencil, felt marker, brush and likewise. These are as important as the main font classifications as these add the personal touch in design besides providing...

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Awesome Showcase of Polygonal Art in Web Designs


Photoshop is an amazing tool that comes endowed with features that ensure to help designers in coming up with different type of visually appealing designs. With this designers get to give shape to their ideas. In today’s cut throat competition era they think out-of-the-box and Photoshop let them explore various options...

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50 Creative Resume Designs of Year 2014


In the world where creativity has no limits, you can find innumerable creative things that actually make you feel really good for being the part of this era. There are ingenious minds that keep their creative  minds running to come up with the ideas that leave people stunned. With everything...

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Creative Infographics for Designers and Developers


Graphic designers know how important it is to come up with infographics that ensure to impart knowledge to the viewer without making any compromise with the visual appeal. Not just the new creative minds who have joined the queue of graphic designers infact even the professionals who have been into...

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Wonderful Collection of Creative Easter Egg Designs


This is our first article on the blog ‘TheNeoDesign‘ and what better way to start our journey with something that promises visual treat besides being a great source of inspiration. With Easter just around the corner, we thought why not come up with the article that will give a fresh feeling...

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