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 10 Most Creative Leaflet Designs for Inspiration


Marketing is major part of any company’s annual budget. IT has increased multi-fold to around 7-10% of total turnover. This is because competition is stiff and every company wants to gain customers for their products and new features. Some of the best marketing tools are placing banners, TV advertisements, free...

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20 Creative Examples of Business Card Designs


Business is competitive and the key to a successful business is branding. It is all about how well the products and ideas are marketed. The best way to sell products is to make them the center of attention. of attraction. One of the best ways to make people come to...

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15 Creative Admin Dashboards for Inspiration


There was a time when admin dashboards were plain and simple. Sure, they worked superbly, but when it came to design, they were boring. But that scenario is changing. Beautifully designed admin dashboards are now in. Initially designers paid more attention to the the front end while creating a creating....

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20 Creative Magazine Covers for Inspiration


Creating a successful magazine product can be tough, but with the right cover, you will find that it can be simple. Here are some creative magazine covers designers can look to for inspiration: 1. W Magazine 2. Serial Thriller 3. His Master’s Voice 4. Boston 5. Thrusday Magazine 6. EasyJet...

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12 Amazon Redesign Concepts for Developers


Amazon offers more than a myriad of products for consumers; it also offers tips developers can use for website promotion. There are few selected Amazon concept designs the company offers that helps it increase its sales, promote its products, and accelerate its page viewing rates. In this article, we provide developers...

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40 Creative Infographics for Designers and Developers


Infographics are not new and each one of us is well acquainted with them. Graphic designers for long have been leaving viewers amazed with superb designs letting them know what exactly the message is being conveyed. These creative minds well know how important it is to come up with infographics that ensure...

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