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20 Creative brochure designs for inspiration


If a brochure stands out, then a business will stand out. The more attractive and useful the more a brochure will showcase a company’s products and services. The very first thing that catches attention is the design of the brochure. But in order to enhance the design, Don’t forget to...

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25 Inspirational quotes for designers

What is inspiration? Is it something that makes us feel excited? Or is it something that makes us feel determined? Inspiration is a mixture of both. It excites us to do something big and at the same time keeps us determined until we achieve our dream or complete our task....

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25 Creative Examples of 404 Page Errors


Web Designers are paid well to create interesting web pages. In order to accomplice that, designers try to be creative with every single element of the website. It could be the font, style, images, menu bars, animation or display of content. While these all are some of the most important...

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20+ Creative Examples of 3D Printing


It’s now possible to use 3D printing to create a variety of objects – from the useful to the artistic. 3D printers function like 2D printers but with the addition of a z-axis. The object is produced in layers and placed over each other creating a 3D effect. 3D printing...

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15 Fabulous Examples of Typography


Creative typography works. Web designers are now playing with fonts, size, style, contrast, colors, background base images to create an impression that will last with readers or customers. Effective typography not only lures readers but conveys a powerful message showcasing the creativity of the company. Companies are allocating a major chunk...

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15 Awesome Facebook Cover Photos for Inspiration

Facebook Covers for Inspiration With the emergence of the new Facebook timeline, one of the best features that caught the attraction of the users was the cover photo which could be applied to profiles. The uniqueness of the cover picture is what gives character to a profile making it interesting...

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20 Beautiful Long Shadow Icons for Inspiration

As a designer there are always choices to make when starting any project. From deciding the theme, the background image, colors and fonts to choosing the header and various effects to align with the theme of the page. Even if the client provides content there are still decisions about where...

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