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8 Sites to learn Drupal for free


When it comes to Drupal, people are often afraid to venture into new territory. Here are some of the best sites which will provide users with a detailed knowledge of Drupal, so that they can code with it easily and like a pro. 1. Free Course :  Four Week Drupal...

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10 Best PHP Tools of 2015 


PHP is server side scripting language which can be used with HTML code to write code for developing websites. It can also be used with various templating engines and web frameworks. PHP code is processed by a PHP interpreter and then executed as Common Gateway Interface. Once it is interpreted...

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Seven Top Java IDEs for Java Coders 


JavaScript is a dynamic mark-up script with WORA protocol used to develop mobile application tools. JavaScript is essential for any programmer who is looking to generate and modify new codes. Here are seven of the best Java IDE tools with multifunctional features enabling coders to determine systematic code generation: 1. Eclipse With Eclipse, developers will...

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10 Top Online Code Checking Tools


Upgraded code snippet tools are available in the market and help developers check different unrecognized codes. These 10 online tools for code testing are helpful to developers looking to track unidentified and incomplete codes on the Internet: 1. CodePen CodePen is one of the best tools for instant code verification. This tool gives customers...

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Top 15 Web Development Tools of 2015


Web development tools are important for they help developers test and debug their code. There are a lot of web development tools online that offer varieties of programs to help create perfect websites. Here is a list of  the top web development tools web developers can use in 2015: 1. SASS Guidelines SASS Guidelines...

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14 Useful AngularJS Tools for Web Developers


AngularJS tools are a set of open source applications developed and maintained by Google along with individual developers and corporations. These tools help developers sort out their problems by simplifying testing and developing applications using the model view controller architecture and rich internet application components. Here are some useful AngularJS tools for web developers:...

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Top 10 Websites for Game Development


Game development has become one of the most booming industries, and vast knowledge for coding and programming is needed for successful game design. Here are some of the top game development websites designers can use to gain that knowledge: GameDev GameDev is a website exclusively made for game development. This...

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Why UI Designers Should Learn to Code


Learning is a never ending process. Correct? While writing down the tips and tricks that we feel would help our designer and developer friends, most of the time it happens that the points listed are not specifically instead some of them are general and apply to each one of us....

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8 New Year Resolutions for Programmers


With new year fever still on, lot many people believe it’s not late to make resolutions, giving a fresh start to their personal and professional lives. Some might be still planning to give them to their relationships, work on their negatives, mend their ways, manage their time and finances well...

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