Web Design Trends 2015 : Our Predictions

Designing you all know asks to be in sync with the trend. If designers work hard but don’t follow the trend instead add such elements that are things/trends of the parts; believe me the entire efforts are sure to go down the drain. Why? The reason is simple that user these days is well aware of the current trends and wish to enjoy the best experience if s(he) is shelling the hard earned money.

Its fall time and soon the year 2014 will come to an end and we will enter into the new year 2015. Trends to talk about don’t stay or long. Some trends continue to prevail, while others simply end with the passing time. We have been talking about designing trends and here we are with what you may call is continuation. In the year 2014 we saw some really nice web designing trends that designers followed to help users get the best experience and enjoy. Responsive web design to minimalist and flat design trends were part and parcel of the designing world in the year 2014.

In our article Do you Really Need to Follow Web Design Trends? we mentioned the points in favor of following the design trends. Before we enter the new year how about predicting the future of web design trends 2015 and know which trends are anticipated to stay and which will bid farewell. Read on to know everything that is predicted for the best web design trends 2015!

 1. Responsive Web Design is Here to Stay

We all know how mobile phones, tablets and other gadgets have taken over the world of technology. More often one tends to surf the web on cellphone as its not feasible to carry laptops and systems everywhere but mobile phones fit the pockets and we carry it everywhere. Infact, this little gadget has become the essential that one doesn’t leave without from home or office.

Designers who are not focusing on the mobile audience and working in a single direction is actually not doing justice to his/her work. If people get the access of the website easily right there where they need it is sure to persuade them to come back. It all depends on the responsiveness and ease of access that works in favor. With the ever increasing number of mobile users it is anticipated that responsive designs is here to stay for long atleast in the year 2015.


2. Flat Design Trend To Continue

Nothing less has been talked about flat design in the year 2014. From pros and cons to comparing flat design with minimalism, creative flat design collection, flat design trend has been the topic of  discussion at our blog too. Flat design has been appealing many consumers and has become the part and parcel of the design world. It doesn’t seem to end infact will continue in the year 2015 too as users are easily adapting to it and enjoying the overall experience it is providing.


3. More Scrolling/Less Clicking

Scrolling is less painful to clicking when it comes to operating a website on tablet or mobile. After immense efforts put in designers have successfully included this feature that ensures to enhance the user experience. Indeed websites with multiple pages are good when it comes to SEO, however to make sure users don’t get that pain of clicking while checking out the website on mobile phone or tablet. So, to make the website accessible and easy to scroll this trend is sure to see a boom in the year 2015.


4. Typography

Gone are the days when typical typography was the part of the design world. Today, typography is actually the king. Typographic art is the new medium of style. From free to premium ones there are high quality fonts that are made available for designers to make use of in different design projects. Fresh Free Fonts – November 2014 Edition was the latest compilation we came up with.

In the year 2015, artistic visually appealing typography will be seen in different websites which means typographic art will see a boom as it will give the overall design an artistic and visual appeal. By chance, if you stuck at finding good font combination for your web design, you can anytime check out article reviewing best tools to find awesome font combinations.


5. Larger Image Size

Pictures/images are worth thousand words. This is one cliche sounding line which we have been using or hearing for over years. Design world is working on this to provide the visual treat to the user. Being the superb way of expressing ideas, providing visual appeal images are fast becoming the important part of the design world and is a trend that we expect to continue in the year 2015.

Do not forget to check our inspiration article showcasing creative food related web designs with fullscreen background.


See, these are the predictions based on the the year 2014 experiences and observations. There might be slight difference but the above listed web design trends of year 2015 are certain to be the part of the designing world. If you are creating e-commerce website for your client, we have listed some of e-commerce website UI trends 2015 that you will see in next year for sure.

The number of mobile users is increasing day by day, along with the number of different gadgets that are being rolled out too is seeing a boom, and the competition is increasing, therefore it has become important for designers to follow the designing trends that will help them reach their goal and get the desired results. You can add to the our list of best web design 2015 trends predictions that you think will be the part of web design next year.

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