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Photoshop is one reliable and handy tool majority of designers out there are using to come up with the creative designs, leaving an everlasting impression on the viewers. What makes them opt for Adobe Photoshop to enhance their skills and let their creative juices flow? Well, its the ease that Adobe Photoshop provides to the users and oodles of cool features that it comes endowed with.

Coming to the point what do you think designers out there do to enhance their designing skills? Enrol in a crash course, take classes on Adobe Photoshop? Yes, there are many who have chosen this medium of learning and enhancing their skills but then there are many who are short of time. Besides there are many who are into the field for over the years now and keep learning new techniques, enhance their skills thereby increasing their productivity.

What’s the smart way out then? Indeed, its through best Photoshop tutorials that are published on various websites prepared by professional designers are the great mode of learning. Each  month we list down some of the really awesome Photoshop tutorials that are carefully handpicked to make you all learn various techniques and how tot get desired results in Photoshop by going through steps listed in Photoshop tutorials and following the same.

Also, as we all know that Halloween is just around the corner, we have featured some of the best Halloween inspired Photoshop tutorials to make this festival more enjoyable. Here, is list of latest best Photoshop tutorials that we have prepared for the month of October 2014. Sneak a peek!

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Best Photoshop Tutorials of October 2014


This is a nice tutorial which will lead to a cute visually appealing result. With the combination of drawn elements and scanned pieces, users will be able to create a Halloween-inspired collage that looks as if it’s been sewn, and crocheted.


Its Halloween time and what better way to enjoy than creating digital Zombie from scratch in Photoshop. This tutorial will help you create funky-looking cartoon zombie.


4. Mixing 3D Elements and Photography to Create a Vibrant and Playful Photomontage

This tutorial explains the process of 3D elements and digital photography for creating a vibrant and playful photomontage in Adobe Photoshop CS5.


5. Create Halloween Card, Creepy Skull With Pumpkin Brains Effect

This Photoshop tutorial will help users in designing a visually stunning Halloween Card, Creepy Skull With pumpkin Brains Effect.


6. Create a Hauntingly Beautiful Cleopatra Mummy in Adobe Photoshop

In this tutorial, users will learn how to demonstrate the evolution of a digital painting from start to finish by creating a hauntingly beautiful Egyptian goddess.


7. How To Draw A Halloween Pumpkin In Photoshop

Prepared exclusively for PSD Vault by Indonesian graphics designer Mohammad Jeprie, this Photoshop tutorial will let you all draw the famous icon of halloween, the pumpkin with scary face, Jack O’ Lantern.


The Walking Dead inspired by grungy text effect in Adobe Photoshop looks cool. Layering textures and brushes can give detail and depth to simple designs and in this tutorial users will learn how to layer textures and brushes and use blur filters and simple layer styles to get the desired results.


In this tutorial, users will learn how to create a spooky cottage in the woods using Adobe Photoshop. with it getting to know about photo manipulation tools and adding visual effects to convey a Halloween mood will go easy.


10. Create the Dragan photo effect in Photoshop

This tutorial explains the process of creating the Dragam photo effect in Photoshop.


11. Fake x-ray effects

Look beyond the surface and create intriguing X-ray images with the help of this tutorial prepared by Mark Mayers.


12. Create an Unnerving Surreal 3D Room Scene in Photoshop

In this tutorial, users will learn how to create a perspective 3D scene and the illusion of depth with Photoshop’s basic features like transform tools, masking, blending, adjustment layers and more.


13. “A Wizard and His Pupil” – How to Create This Fairy Tale Manipulations

Create floating island in a twilight atmosphere with magical details with the help if this tutorial which will help you get the visually appealing design.


14. Speedy 1980s text effects

This tutorial by Tabor Robak helps designers in creating brilliant type-art effect rapidly by stacking layer styles by following few simple steps.


15. Create gorgeous Photomontages

This tutorial will help you in creating an image that is based in photo manipulation with accents of airbrushing and digital paint.


16. Create Unique Hair Style With leaves Texture In Photoshop

In this tutorial, users will get to see unique hair style with leaves texture in Photoshop. This can be done by combining several stock images and using a number of custom brushes along the way.


 17. Create an Emotional Moonlight Scene in Photoshop

Spotted at, this tutorial will make you learn how to create an emotional Photo Manipulation in Photoshop.


18. Create a skull out of type

Sean Freeman with the help of this tutorial makes users understand how to create enigmatic skull made of type.


19. Making of ‘Retro Space Common’

This tutorial by Devon Fay is sure to give you some guidance into creating sci-fi interior concepts such as the Retro Space Common featured here.


20. How to Create Dramatic Light in Your Fantasy Photo Manipulation

Spotted at Photoshoptutorials, this tutorial makes you learn how to add interesting light to your photo manipulations.


21. Create a sci-fi robot cyborg in Photoshop

In this tutorial, Fabio Sasso lets users understand how to create a cyborg from photographic sources in Photoshop, tapping into the movie heritage of the cyborg and much more in just few simple steps.


22. How to Create an Epic Metal Text Effect From Scratch

Learn how to make epic text effect, by simple steps.This tutorial is a guide that will help you in giving the beautiful background to your typography by brushes and stock images.


23. The making of ‘Distant Planet’

Written environment concept artist for Treyarch, Jason Louie, this Photoshop tutorial explains the process and techniques used in creating Distant Planet in Photoshop.


24. Digitally Color a Pencil Sketch in Photoshop Using Watercolor Brushes

Spotted at MyDesignDeals, this is a fun tutorial that shows how to digitally color a pencil sketch using items easily.


25. Photo Manipulate a Dark, Emotional Fallen Angel Scene

This tutorial will make you all learn how to create a dark and emotional fallen angel scene using a variety of photo manipulation techniques.


26. Create a Deer Abstraction with Photoshop

In this tutorial users will get to learn how to create a deer abstraction with Photoshop. Besides one gets to learn how to combine abstract elements, work with textures and create lighting effect.


27. The Ultimate Guide to Cutting Stuff Out in Photoshop

Spotted at Spoongraphics, this tutorial gives an overview of a range of cutting out techniques.


28. How to Add Dimension and Texture Using Lighting Effects in Photoshop

This tutorial will make users learn how to add some depth and dimension to a flat texture with the help of lighting effects filter and a dash of Photoshop layer styles.


29. The making of ‘Lecter’

Professional artist, Hossein Afzali has come up with a tutorial explaining how to create 3D likeness of Dr Hannibal Lecter using 3ds Max, ZBrush, Unfold3D, Photoshop and V-Ray.


30. Create powerful lighting effects with clouds and lightning

This Photoshop tutorial will help you elarn how to create a complex background with a focal point that hints at a story behind a character.


31. 3D Blocks Background Tutorial

This quick tutorial will help you create an abstract 3D block background using Photoshop CC 2014.


32. Fresh Glossy Text Effect

This tutorial will make users learn how to create a cool, fresh, glossy text effect using layer styles and a couple of images.


33. Create magic photo manipulation with big curly cloud

Learn how to create magic photo manipulation with big curly cloud, the crescent above the winter landscape and Christmas trees with this Photoshop tutorial.


34. How to Create an Out of Bounds, Pop Up Photo Effect in Photoshop

This tutorial is written with the aim to help you create out of bounds photo effect and get the desired results.


So, which one of the above listed Photoshop tutorial would you love to try your hand on? Have you lately come up with any such useful Photoshop tutorials? Why not share it with our designer friends and help them in improving on their designing skills. Drop in your comments below.

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