Best jQuery Plugins of the Week [9th November – 15th November]

While working on major designing and developing projects, what possible way you can help anyone? Ofcourse by providing useful resources that don’t prick the pockets. For this very reason and to help narrow down the search of all you designers and developers that we make continuous efforts to come up with the list of best resources on weekly and monthly basis.

Its Saturday and we are here once again with the list of best jQuery plugin of the week. Javascript is the framework that helps designers and developers in handling different projects. These plugins do a major job in making sure that these help the user the best possible way. How? Well, you all know that the plugins are developed with the clear aim to help users making their job hassle-free.

How about proceeding further and checking out this week’s list of best jQuery plugins. Besides, you can sneak a peek at previous five weeks’ lists incase you missed any. If these lists don’t include the plugin you checkout out here at TheNeoDesign, you know what you have to do. Simply open the homepage, click on the category named jQuery plugin or else you can click the search button, write the keyword and you will get the plugin there right in front of you.  For now, sneak a peek at this week’s list of useful jQuery plugins.

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1. Guardian

Guardian by Michael Eisenbraun is an all-purpose form validation jQuery plugin that is flexible and easy to extend to meet any need.


Demo | Download

2. Jqx-Media-Slider

This is a simple and customizable jQuery media slider plugin that’s an automatic page generator that is the easiest way to create beautiful pages for all of your projects.


Demo | Download

3. Tagator

Tagator is a jQuery-based replacement for input boxes, making them tagging boxes. It supports searching, and affects the original input box directly that is used as a comma separated data container.


Demo | Download

4. jQuery Mouse Tracker

This is a jquery plugin that lets you place some text at the tail of the mouse and that text will follow the mouse wherever it goes on the page.


Demo | Download

5. noUiSlider

noUiSlider is a range slider that comes with bloat. The plugin comes with superb features. Besides, its lightweight, minimal and supports various devices like iPhone, iPad, Android devices & Windows (Phone) 8 desktops, tablets and all-in-ones.


Demo | Download

6. Face Detection

A jQuery/Zepto Face Detection plugin that works on images and videos. Click the link and you will get to know everything you need to know about the plugin. One thing is sure that this plugin is genuinely worth checking out and downloading.


Demo | Download

7. jquery-scalable-lightbox

Scalable Lightbox is a jQuery plugin for building aesthetically beautiful, minimal and responsive picture lightboxes.


Demo | Download

8. Material Menu

jQuery plugin that creates an responsive menu on website.


That’s all for the week. We will be coming up with more such helpful plugins next week that we hope will prove useful for you all. Till then let us know if this list of best jQuery plugins of the week proved helpful or not? Also, your suggestions are more than welcome.

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