Best jQuery Plugins of the Week [31st August – 6th September]

From Twitter Bootstrap Flickr Carousel to jQuery Match Height and Animsition there are few good number of jQuery plugins that we have listed down for you all to make optimum use of in our compilation. We have been trying to keep you all updated with the list of best jQuery plugins that have lately been introduced to ensure that our workflow becomes smooth.

Considering the utility,  we have been coming up with some of the really best jQuery plugins developed by ingenious brains around the globe. Its the first week of September and here we are with our first list of useful jQuery plugins of the week for you all to check and make your pick as per the need of the hour. Check them out!

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Best jQuery Plugins of the Week

 1. Twitter Bootstrap Flickr Carousel

Developed by Joseph Guadagno is a Twitter Bootstrap Flickr Carousel that uses the power of the Twitter Bootstrap Carousel plugin to cycle through images on Flickr.


Demo | Download 

2. jQuery GoogleMaps

jQuery GoogleMaps by Dejan Stojanovic is a jQuery plugin wrapper around GoogleMaps API for easier use of GoogleMaps on web sites and back-end web pages.


Demo | Download 

3. lighterbox

Lighterbox by Adam Henson is a lighterweight lightbox gallery module that is a simple plugin that supports modern mobile and desktop browsers to minimize configuration and hacky code.


Demo | Download

4. jquery-match-height

jQuery Match Height is a robust, responsive equal heights plugin for jQuery. It lets you set multiple columns in the website layout with ease.


 Demo | Download

5. Animsition

Animsition is a simple and easy jQuery plugin that can be used to add page transition on CSS animations.


Demo | Download 

6. Timesheet

Timesheet is a jQuery plugin to visualize your data and events with nice HTML5 and CSS3. It lets you create simple time sheets with sneaky JavaScript.


7. Heat Map

Heat Map by Cam Hoang is a simple jQuery plugin to display the visualization of proportion data corresponding to geometry locations.


Demo | Download 

That’s all for now! We will soon be updating you all with our weekly list of best jQuery plugins that we carefully select to help you the  best possible way. Did you all like the plugins listed above? Did any of these solved the purpose. If not you can check our other lists  that fall in jQuery plugin category. Also, you can drop in your comments to suggest any such plugin that is worth sharing.

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