Best jQuery Plugins of the Week [28th December – 3rd January]

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Javascript frameworks popularly known as jQuery plugins have become the part and parcel of world of development. There are lot many number of plugins being rolled out on day to day basis. We are sure that you all have been making optimum use of best jQuery plugins that have been serving a great deal in making different tasks easier and less time consuming.

We came up with many useful plugins that we added in our compilations and we hope that our efforts are proving to be fruitful in terms of helping you narrow down your search and make your pick depending upon the need of the hour.

From Yellow Code to Circle Progress and Fotorama there are few useful plugins that we have listed down here for you all to check out and enjoy the ease of workflow. This is the first listicle of the new year, we hope to see more and more useful resources in the days to come. For now check out this week’s compilation of best useful jQuery plugins.

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1. Yellow code

This is jQuery plugin for 2-way data binding. The best thing is that you don’t have to manipulate the DOM, just a model – a plain JavaScript object, changes in the model are propagated to the view and all other features.


Demo | Download

2. jQuery.Simple-Event-Calendar

jQuery.Simple EventCalendar is  plugin that makes it easier for you to create an event calendar, datepicker or whatever you want with jquery.


Demo | Download

3. Circle Progress

Circle Progress is a jQuery plugin that ensures to help users in drawing an animated circular gradient progress bar in your web page/app.


Demo | Download

4. Fotorama

Fotorama is a simple photo album plugin that has thumbnails and helps users in creating a simple and nice looking javascript gallery with intuitive controls and great browser compatibility.


Demo | Download

5. contip.js

Contip is a fully customizable bubble tooltip plugin for jQuery that helps users in making animated, heavily customizable bubble tooltips.


Demo | Download

6. cxDialog

cxDialog is a custom modal dialog plugin for jQuery that is simple lightweight yet highly customizable jQuery plugin used to create modal style dialog popups for alert, confirm and prompt boxes.


Demo | Download

With this we come to an end of this week’s list of best jQuery plugins. Do not forget to share your viewpoints and any such useful plugins with us. We would love to hear your say.

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