Best jQuery Plugins of the Week [25th May- 31st May]

Developers all around are working hard and making efforts to lend helping hand to their fellow developers ensuring to help ease their task. In the quest to help all you developers and designers narrow down their search and ease the job of looking for the right kind of plugin we come up with the list of best jQuery plugins each week and ever month.

The compilation includes nothing but the best plugins we carefully handpick on basis of ease these provide for the users.

Take a look at the below listed plugins and pick one(s) for yourself.

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Best jQuery Plugins of the Week

1. dialog

dialog is an awesome lightweight jQuery plugin for creating overlay dialogs by Kolge Pratik. The plugin lets you open multiple dialogs at once and see all of them awesomely stacked one behind the other giving it a unique look and feel.

2014-05-30 04.48.31 pmDemo | Download

2. jQuery.dateCompare

DateCompare by Rafael Maruta is a jQuery plugin that lets users order a range of dates or validate if any date is larger than the other.



3. jQuery.fragmentScroll

Developed by Michael Webbers, the jQuery fragment scroll plugin replaces the default fragment link behavior with a scroll animation.


4. jNottery

Developed by Tomasz Zdunczyk, jNottery is a jQuery plugin that allows users to add notes and markers to webpages.

2014-05-30 04.30.05 pm

Demo | Download

5. jQuery.stickFooter

Developed by Michael Webbers, sticky footer plugin sticks the footer of websites with or without set height to the bottom of the page.


6. Indicator – jQuery Plugin

Developed by Mehrdad Noroozi Eghbali, Indicator is a simple library to indicate a step or position of a single element among a fixed vertical array of same height elements.

2014-05-30 04.20.06 pm

Demo | Download

7. jQuery KitKat Clock

Developed by Bryan Iddings, KitKat Clock is a plugin that adds a time picker modeled after the stock clock app in Android 4.4 KitKat. The plugin enables the users to select the time from a clock-like interface.

2014-05-30 04.28.12 pm

Demo | Download

8. jQuery CheckThemAll

Developed by Vincent Ballut, CheckThem all is a light-weight plugin that helps in creating checkbox lists with an ‘all’ choice.

2014-05-30 04.05.50 pm

Demo | Download

9. jQuery ScrollTabs

Developed by Josh Reed, ScrollTabs is a highly configurable plugin to handle scrolling tabs horizontally when not enough space is available.

2014-05-30 04.09.15 pm

Demo | Download

 Finally, the list of best jQuery plugins coming to an end with promise to come up with such useful jQuery plugins in the next week. Do share your views which one of these jQuery plugins you like the most and will be using for web design project.


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