Best jQuery Plugins of the Week [24th August – 30th August]

Bootgrid, Fontflex, imgSlider, Simple Filters and many more like these have become the part of the this week’s list of best jQuery plugins of the week (24th August – 30th August). Well, your regular feedbacks, and comments on how the useful resources we come up with have helped you all in different projects or wherever you got stuck motivate us to keep going with what we have scheduled to be published on our blog.

With the anticipation that you all will love the list of best jQuery plugins here we have come up with the ones which we found really worth sharing. Take a look at the ones that have become the part of the list.  No matter how big or small a list is, if the content it has proves  helpful; nothing like that! It is for this reason that you don’t find or weekly lists long as we believe in providing you all with best useful resources.

Let’s begin with this week’s list of useful jQuery plugins along with the links of previous five weeks’ lists. Click them if you wish to check out any of these you missed. Or if you have missed any before the weeks pinned below, you know what you have to do! Go to the main page of TheNeoDesign, either search for jQuery plugins or click on the jQuery plugin category you see on the top of the page. For now scroll down to check this week’s list!

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Best jQuery Plugins of the Week

1. slinkyclick

Developed by Johny GoCody, the cool plugin named slinkyclick is a simple way of making the clicks all the more fun. The plugin was created from the inspiration of GIF search engine.

best-jQuery-pluginsDemo | Download

2. messages

Messages by Kolge Pratik is a lightweight jQuery plugin that lets you show messages around fields and other HTML elements.The plugin is used for showing beautiful messages around form fields or other HTML elements.


Demo | Download

3.  jQuery Bootgrid

Nice, sleek and intuitive, Bootgrid is a grid control plugin especially designed for bootstrap.


Demo | Download

4. jQuery.fontFlex.js

jQuery.fontFlex.js is a lightweight jQuery extension for dynamically changing font sizes as per the screen or browser width.


Demo | Download

5. Flickerplate

Flickerplate is a jQuery plugin that lets users flip through content. It comes loaded with options like arrows, auto flicking and themes, among others.


Demo | Download

6. jQuery Confirm mailto

Confirm Mailto is a plugin that lets users confirm before opening mailto links.


 Demo | Download

7. Before and after slider

A cool plugin developed by Kavya Sukumar that helps you to compare before and after images side by side.


Demo | Download

8. Simple Table Filters

Adding filters to HTML filters becomes easy with this useful jQuery plugin developed by Alan Garnder.


Demo | Download

9. S Gallery

A responsive jQuery gallery plugin that gives you beautiful sliders for your images. This plugin also includes CSS3 animations and works like product gallery that you may have seen in Sony’s website.


Demo | Download

10. jCorner

Add a flat designed paper folder effect at the bottom-right corner of a webpage by using jCorner. A very stylish jQuery plugin that uses CSS border tricks to achieve the effect and you can create corners of any size.



If you are a developer, programmer we would love to hear your say on these and if you have useful jQuery plugins worth sharing, what’s the wait for leave a comment below and let us know.

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