Best jQuery Plugins of the Week [21st September – 27th September]

Today’s world of technology is expanding the horizon and letting people show their skills but everyone seeks help, motivation and inspiration to keep working in the right direction. Lot many people are running their mind and giving shape to their ideas seeing the boost in number of people becoming the part of the world of technology. From mobile phones to tablets, laptops and wearables (added lately) there are many gadgets that have become the important part of our lives.

Who are the people behind the features these gadgets come loaded with. Designers and developers to talk about are working hard to provide us the best user-experience. Coming to the topic of the day, what do jQuery plugins do? They do wonders for those who wish to develop and design something in the quest to enhance the user-experience. Each week look for the best jQuery plugins that claim to help you all the best possible way. Here is this week’s list of best jQuery plugins we have come up with for you all to check.

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Best jQuery Plugins of the Week

1. Side Comments

Side Comments is an interface component that helps in giving your website or app style commenting.


Demo | Download

2. fitter Happier Text

This is simple cool plugin that is developed for users to make the headings performant and fully fluid.


Demo | Download

3. jQuery.CardSwipe Magnetic Card Reader

Developed by Carl J. Raymon, this is a jQuery plugin for magnetic card readers.


4. cropbox

cropbox is a lightweight and simple JavaScript YUI plugin that lets users crop their avatar easily.

Demo | Download

5. pagePiling.js

pagePiling plugin developed by Alvaro Trigo helps users in creating a scrolling pile of sections.


Demo | Download

6. TimePicki

Developed by Senthilkumar, TimePicki is a free Time picker jquery plugin that is simple and clean timepicker for users to understand to set time for your project in input forms.


Demo | Download

7. Respontent

This is a jQuery plugin that automatically makes your user generated content responsive.


Demo | Download 

8. is a plugin that is developed for real time two-way data binding. Mutating object given as data source, reflecting interactions between user and UI, it works to help developers.


Demo | Download 

That’s all for today, stay tuned for more cool useful resources. Have any suggestions or any such useful jQuery plugin that you think will be of use for designers and developers. Let us know! We would love to list the same in our upcoming compilations.

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