Best jQuery Plugins of the Week [12th July – 19th July]

Time for checking out yet another list of best jQuery plugins that we are sure all our developer friends are loving for the fact that we carefully pick them up and prepare our compilation of the same. While choosing the plugins we make sure that they have the utility and promise to ease the task of developers.

Best jQuery plugins of the week has been the part and parcel of our blog. We wish to continue the chain of lending helping hands to our developer friends. Check out our preceding five week listicles of the same before scrolling down to check out our this week’s list. From Google Search Appliance Click Tracking, skippr to one page navigation there are some of the really useful jQuery plugins that you all will love.

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Best jQuery Plugins of the Week

1. Google Search Appliance Click Tracking

Developed by Eric Peterson, Google Search Appliance Click Tracking is a simple jQuery plugin that can be used to integrate GSA Advanced Search Reporting with custom built search interfaces.


2. customSocial Buttons Creator

Developed by Benjamin Cripps, customSocial Buttons Creator is a small jQuery library that helps users in creating some social buttons in a snap.



3. prettySocial – custom social share buttons

prettySocial is a custom share buttons plugin for Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus that can be used while making a website.


Demo | Download 

4. Breakpoints.js

Developed by Joshua Stoutenburg, Breakpoints is a jQuery plugin that makes modular responsive design possible by adding classes to elements based on defined breakpoints.


Demo | Download

5. skippr

Skippr is a light weight and speedy slideshow jQuery plugin that lets users feel the ease of including the slideshow in the websites.



6. ivaldi/prezento

This is a jQuery plugin to showcase your web designs. With it users can show off their responsive web designs and impress their visitors.



7. jQuery One Page Nav

This is a lightweight jQuery plugin for the navigation on one-page sites. Including this plugin will help you add smooth scrolling when clicking on the navigation and automatically selects the correct navigation items as you are scrolling through the different sections.

screen-capture-16 screen-capture-16

8. mknecht/gridscrolling.js

gridscrolling.js is a jQuery plugin that helps you layout HTML5 articles and provides easy cursor navigation and an overview map.




As always, we would love to ask you to have your say and drop in your comments to let us know of any such jQuery plugin you have developed and feel that is worth sharing with fellow developers. We will love to add the same in our upcoming lists of best jQuery plugins.


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