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Adobe Illustrators are fun to work on as the resultants make you feel glad about having tried your hand on. The end result that you get are cool, creative and visually stunning. There are lot many creative minds out there who love working on Adobe Illustrator but at times get stuck as in how to make optimum use of a particular feature and much more. Here is when useful Adobe Illustrator tutorials that lend a helping hand in quite a sophisticated manner.

Each month we come up with some useful resources like tools, apps, plugins, inspirational stuff and tutorials like best Photoshop tutorials and best Illustrator tutorials (Best Adobe Illustrator Tutorials of June 2014Best Adobe Illustrator Tutorials of April 2014Best Adobe Illustrator Tutorials of May 2014).

Wondering which all are the best Adobe Illustrator tutorials we have in store for you all? Wait no more, simply scroll down and take a glimpse of the same.

Best Adobe Illustrator Tutorials of July 2014

1. How to Create a Delicious Breakfast with Egg and Sausages in Adobe Illustrator

Published by, this useful Adobe Illustrator tutorial will help you to create breakfast with eggs and sausages using several techniques.


2. Create the Enchanting Maleficent Portrait in Adobe Illustrator

Design always came up with best Adobe Illustrator tutorials, this one is no different that will help you to create beautiful portrait of maleficent using blur effect and soft tones.


3. How To Create an Origami Style Logomark in Illustrator

I always love Illustrator tutorials shared by Chris Spooner and this one is magnificent too. This tutorial will help you to create origami style logomark in Illustrator.


4. Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop Tutorial: Blend Different Illustration Styles

Spotted at, this Adobe Illustrator tutorial will help you create mix art by blending different illustration styles.


5. Create a Chalkboard Effect with the New Pen Tool in Illustrator

Another useful Adobe Illustrator tutorial published by Design that will help you to work with new pen tool in Illustrator and create a chalkboard effect.


6. Create a Dandelion in Adobe Illustrator Using Two Custom Brushes

Spotted at, this tutorial will help you to first create two custom brushed that will help you to draw dandelion silhouette.


7. Illustrator Tutorial: How to Create a Fresh Cooked Lobster on a Plate

This Adobe Tutorial is for those who loves sea food like me. Spotted at, this detailed tutorial will help you to create fresh cooked lobster served on a plate.


8. Tutorial: How to Design a Kawaii Squid in Illustrator

Spotted at, this tutorial will help you to design Kawaii Squid in Adobe Illustrator.


9. How to Create a Seamless Vintage Nautical Life Pattern in Adobe Illustrator

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create seamless marine life wallpaper in a detailed manner using simple geometric shapes and various techniques.


10. Create a Crayons Illustration in Adobe Illustrator

In our childhood, crayons was one thing that we loved in our education system and we still love it. Here is a cute Illustrator tutorial that will help you to create crayons illustration.


11. How To Create a Web Icon in Adobe Illustrator

Love creating icons? Check out this Illustrator tutorial we find at that will help you to create a web icon.


12. Sweet Strawberry Text Effect! Perfect Summer Font

Looking to create custom typography that will suit the weather, here is one great Adobe Illustrator tutorial published by that will help you to create strawberry text effect.


13. Create Yummy Donut Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator

We have already created strawberry text effect and now it is time to create donut text effect with the help of tutorial published by


14. Create a Detailed Concrete Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator

Here’s one solid Illustrator text effect tutorial spotted at that will help you to create detailed concrete text effect in Adobe Illustrator.


15. Bright Light Bulb Vector: Lights On in Under an Hour

Create bulb vector using simple shapes and other new techniques in Adobe Illustrator.


16. Bubble Lamp Vectors and Easy Glass Effects

Spotted at, this Adobe Illustrator will help you to create bubble lamp vector by applying a semi-realistic glass texture effect.


17. Happy Hour: Celebrate With Your Own Martini Glass Vector

Another great tutorial from that will help you to create martini glass vector with the help of geometric shapes and help you learn different lighting methods.


Aren’t these cool Illustrator tutorials of July 2014 persuading enough to convince you to run your creative mind and try them out? Well, do let us know what you think of these by leaving a comment below.

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