23 Best Free Ebooks for Mobile App Developers

eBooks! Doesn’t it make you recall the articles we have published in the previous months revolving around eBooks? From 6 Best Free Node.js EbooksLatest Free Ebooks for Designers to Latest Free Ebooks for Developers, we have actually talked in detail about ebooks on TheNeoDesign. This time we have thought to come up with the article that showcases ebooks and helps mobile app developers.

In today’s digital era, the paper books that many booklovers were seen carrying has got the substitute. Not that people have stopped reading books or anything like that, instead ebooks have taken over paper books for the tech savvy people. Topic of the day is ebooks that prove to be mobile App developer’s friend. We have come up with a list of best free mobile app developers ebooks that you will find useful in process of creating your app. Check them out!

23 Best Free Ebooks for Mobile App Developers

1. Mobile Book of Trends 2014

A very useful free ebook by UXPin and Movade that will help you understand various mobile trends of year 2014.


2. Mobile Developer’s Guide to the Galaxy

A must read ebook for all Mobile app developers that we spotted at enough.de. This book provides overview on various mobile technologies and platform. You can use this guide to learn various techniques for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Firefox OS, Java ME and Windows Phone.


3. Mobile Developer’s Guide to the Parallel Universe

Another superb free ebook by Enough.de that is a companion guide to the Mobile Developer’s Guide to the Galaxy that helps developers to learn aspects of marketing.


4. Developing Modern Mobile Web Apps

A free ebook for mobile developers by Microsoft corporation that provides useful information on building mobile web apps using HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript.


5. Expert Advice on Building Successful Mobile Apps

A publication of Mobiversal, this free ebook provides useful tips for experts that will help you create successful mobile apps.


6. The App Design Handbook

Getting your mobile app approved on various app stores could be tedious, this free ebook helps you to check design principles when creating icon and splash image.


7. [Free Ebook] Rapid Mobile Game Development

Spotted at Kii.com, this free ebook is used by more than 2 billion mobile game developers to create their first cross-platform Unity game in under 15 minutes.


8. Mobile Game Design

Another free mobile game developing ebook that help designers to learn about mobile game development, hidden techniques, SDk’s and how to publish on mobile app stores.


9. LightSwitch Mobile Business Apps Succinctly

This ebook by Jan Van Der Haegen will help you to create mobile business apps using LightSwitch.


10. Native vs. Web vs. Hybrid App Development

A free ebook by Kinvey that help organisations to understand which platform to choose business mobile app : Native, HTML5 or Hybrid.


11. How To Make An App: HTML5 Mobile Edition

Another free ebook by Kinvey that will help you create HTML5 mobile apps and tools you can use to create HTML5 apps.


12. Mobile UX Design : Top Mistakes to Avoid

Mobile User Experience plays a vital role in success of any mobile app. Try out this free ebook by AppSee that will help you avoid top mistakes while creating mobile UX.



13. The Swift Programming Language

A free Swift ebook provided by Apple company that will help mobile developers create apps for iOS devices using Swift language.


14. iOS Succinctly

A perfect ebook for those developers who want to jump into the rushing madness to create apps for iPhone and iPad.



15. Android Programming Succinctly

A free Android mobile app development ebook created by Ryan Hodson that will provides information related to Android UI and other useful information that will help you create mobile apps for Android.


16. Free Android Programming – Ebook

A free Android programming ebook by Eduonix that will help learn beginners to understand about Android API and updated to Jelly Bean OS.


17. 3 Easy Steps to Monetizing Android Apps with Ads

Want to monetize your Android app that you have created, this free ebook from AppFlood.com will help developers to earn money through their apps.


18. Free eBook Download: Android on x86 An Introduction to Optimizing for Intel® Architecture

This free ebook is for both developers and enterprises those who want to use Android x86 for application development. This ebook provides procedures and best practices associated with application development.



19. Windows Phone 8 Development Succinctly

Another useful free ebook by Syncfusion that help developers to know more about Windows Phone 8 and how to develop apps for Windows Phone App Store.


20. Free ebook: Programming Windows Store Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

One of the most useful free Windows Phone programming ebook shared by Microsoft company that will help mobile app developers to program Windows Store Apps with HTML, CSS and Javascript.


21. Windows Phone 8.1 Development for Absolute Beginners

A video series by Bob Tabor that later converted into text and helpful for absolute beginners who want to create Windows 8.1 apps.


22. Location Intelligence for Windows Store Apps

A free Ebook by Ricky Brundritt that helps companies to create location aware applications in Windows 8.1.



23. Learn BlackBerry 10 App Development A Cascades-Driven Approach

By Anwar Ludin, this free ebook help mobile developers to create Blackberry 10 apps with Qt, C++ and the Cascades UI Framework.


Don’t forget to have your say and let us know what you think of these best free mobile appp developers ebooks that we have come up with for our developer friends who are working on mobile application development projects.

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