Best Free Ebook Cover Photoshop Actions

EBooks are the part and parcel of today’s technologically advanced world. Someone who has the passion for reading these days may not be found with a book in hand but then staring at computer screen reading an ebook.

Talking from the designer’s perspective, ebook cover designs are becoming important part of the design world and is gaining importance. More and more efforts are being made to design visually appealing ebook covers. For the rise in popularity and to help our designer friend with helpful resources, tutorials and much more we keep coming up with topics revolving around ebooks.

Remember our articles : Best Free ebook Cover Design Tools and Best ebook Cover Design Tutorials? Did these prove helpful? Today, we have compiled a list of best free ebook cover Photoshop Actions to help you all with the search process that might otherwise take a toll on your time and efforts.

These free Ebook Cover Photoshop Actions are designed to help you create ebook covers as quickly and as easily as possible. The ebook Cover Actions do all the hard work of assembling a 3D ecover virtually for you. Doesn’t that sound cool? Check them out.

Best Free Ebook Cover Photoshop Actions

1. e-cover Action Script 2

Want to create 3D cover for your ebook. This Photoshop action script will covert any flat ebook image into a beautiful looking 3D ebook cover.


2. Free Photoshop Action : Free Ebook Cover

Another useful Photoshop Action that will help any image into ebook cover. You can create flat or 3d ebook cover using this Photoshop Action and it is available for free download as .zip file when you click the link.


3. 3D Ebook Cover Action

Another free 3D ebook cover Photoshop Action that will allow you to create beautiful 3D ebook cover images in seconds. To download, just tweet the article and you will be able to download the script.


4. Ebook Cover Action Script – Hardback Added

Another free ebook Photoshop Action scrip that allows you to create 3D ebook hardback cover with shadows that will give real feel to your end product.


5. Free Ebook Cover Action Script

Spotted at, this Photoshop action script is free to download and allow you to create ebook cover images in just matter of seconds.


6. eCover Profile – Action

Spentoggle at offering one of the best free ebook Photoshop action that helps you to turn your flat image into a 3D ebook cover. Not only that, you can generate canvass, 3D appearance and optional shadow.


7. Ecover Slim Photoshop Action

Another useful free Ebook cover Photoshop Action created by Spentoggle is available for free and commercial use that will turn your simple image into 3D appearing ebook cover.


8. eCover Reflection Photoshop Action

Seems like Spentoggle loves to create Photoshop Actions to create ebook covers. Here’s one another from the same guy that will allow you to convert your image into 3D ebook cover with reflections.


If one free ebook cover action isn’t enough for you, now you know you have good options that we have discovered. Unique in their own way, these best free ebook cover Photoshop actions are slightly different from each other and come endowed with cool features that make them stand apart from the crowd. Choose one for yourself and let us know which ones you liked the most and why?


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