10 Best Free Blank WordPress Themes

We all are well acquainted with WordPress themes, and its various categories. From minimalist to photography, responsive, business, portfolio there are different types of WordPress themes available for various online businesses. Do you know there exists another kind of theme that goes by the name Blank?

Before you start scratching your head thinking what’s a blank WordPress theme let me introduce it to you all. Blank, naked, starter, base whatever name you call, these are the starting point from where anyone of you can create your own theme. With these, you can customize the way you need without having to start everything from scratch which makes the process easier. For the customization, what you need is basic WordPress PHP, CSS, and HTML codes. These are readily made available for users ensuring the ease.

If you are the one who is looking for a theme to start your own online business, website, opt for blank WordPress theme and avoid the fuss of doing the base coding task. We won’t be wrong in calling these Blank WordPress themes the skeleton or the foundation of  new themes.

For the ease of the users, there are many free blank WordPress themes that are prepared for responsive integration and come loaded with nice features. How about taking a look at the cool best free blank WordPress themes that won’t prick your pockets as they are made available for free download. Also, check out best free mobile WordPress themes and plugins we came up with days back.

10 Best Free Blank WordPress Themes

1. Naked WordPress Theme

Naked blank WordPress theme lets users learn how to develop themes. This is commented in-line to let users understand what’s going on while building their WordPress theme.


2. Underscores

This is a free blank WordPress theme that us developed by Automattic, the creators of WordPress. Endowed with a five layout templates, Underscores asks you to create a responsive layout as it doesn’t have it. The main link has a tutorial series by ThemeShaper that will help you learn how to create WordPress themes using Underscores.


3. BlankSlate

This is a simple, minimalist blank/boilerplate theme that is the middle ground between creating WordPress themes from the very starting point to using a big starter themes like Roots or Underscore.


4. WP-Flex

This is a responsive blank WordPress them that comes endowed with special features like strict compliance with official WordPress theming guidelines and sample data for unit testing that lets web developers enjoy the ease of work.


5. Blank Responsive Bootstrap WordPress Theme

This is a cool blank responsive Bootstrap WordPress theme for responsive designers. When you check it out you will come to know that here’s no frills, just base coding with the standard Bootstrap framework along with the PHP files needed to make a theme work.


6. Roots

This is an open source WordPress theme that is built with HTML5 Boilerplate and Bootstrap. It also has Grunt files for quickly compiling Less code and combining your CSS and JS files. Besides, its a Theme Wrapper that helps you avoid having to write the same code in multiple files.


7. JointsWP

This is a blank WordPress theme that is built on top of Foundation 5  which is a major front-end development framework alongside Bootstrap. Giving you all the power and flexibility you need to build complex, mobile friendly websites without having to start from scratch, this is worth downloading theme.Users can check out Sass version or plain CSS version if they wish to.


8. HTML5 Boilerplate for WordPress

This theme is built on the HTML5 Boilerplate by Paul Irish and Divya Manian. Its an open source HTML5 Boilerplate for WordPress that uses a modern HTML5 blog structure based on Opera Web evangelist Bruce Lawson’s recommended structural markup for websites.


9. Bones

Responsive and developed under the Mobile First philosophy, Bones is a free blank WordPress theme built on top of HTML5 Boilerplate.


10. HTML5 Blank WordPress Theme

The HTML5 Blank WordPress Theme is a web-performance optimized blank WordPress theme for developers. Endowed with useful custom theme functions like dynamic sidebar as well as boilerplate code for using WordPress’s Shortcode API in your themes, this is one cool theme.


To conclude, all I can say is that these best free blank WordPress themes will ensure to make your development speedier and easier. Do you all like the themes that we have listed above for your reference? Do share your views with us by dropping in the comment below. Also, feel free to share the Blank WordPress theme you know about.


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