Best Deal Sites for Designers and Developers

‘We used to avail the deals and buy things on sale to save our hard earned money not letting it go down the drain’, I have heard my aunt say  this each time she was asked how she used to save the money. This line has actually made me understand the value of money, no matter how much $$$ we have in our bank accounts, wasting them foolishly doesn’t make sense. We can any day look for best deals available and save our money.

Talking specifically about designers and developers, with more and more people joining the queue of designers and developers to earn their living, e-commerce has seen tremendous growth over the years.

To earn the living one needs to be smart in handling the finances. Keeping a check on our earnings, transactions, focusing on savings and likewise are one side of managing our finances.

There is another perspective to earn smart and adding more $$$ in you bank account. Best Deals! Availing the deals and not paying extra for the stuff that you can get for comparatively lesser amount is one way you can keep your finances under control. Why prick your pockets when you can work the smart way and shell less for almost the same thing.

Today, I will be talking about the best deal sites that promise to help designers and developers save on money by spending less amount for the product and services they require for the miscellaneous projects be it for their own or for their clients.

Before I begin jotting down the best deal websites for designers and developers I would like to talk about two key points. Here they are!

a) Saving one domain names

While looking for domain names, I agree that there are many websites like GoDaddy,, and many others where we can get the domain names but then the so called dot com with the domain name get preference as most of the best .com names are taken and re-buying them from owners certainly pinches the pocket. What’s the smart way out then? that lets you hack domain name and see which ones are available.

There is no harm in picking up .co domain name that is being accepted all over the globe. Also, check for discount codes for GoDaddy and if your luck favors, you can get a domain for minimal amount. Besides, if you join the affiliate program of GoDaddy or any other such company you are likely to get special discounts.

b) Save on Software, Tools and Design Resources

These days, one never falls short of software, tools and design resources that are created with the aim to ease the task of designers and developers. We have initiated to keep our readers updated with latest useful tools that are genuinely worth sharing. Also, there are lot many freebies available to help designers and developers feel the ease of handling various projects.

There are many deal websites that are specifically created for designers and developers. You can get new software, design templates, resources and design resources for the amount that won’t prick your pockets.  The smart way is to get discounted software, learning materials and design resources. Also, lot many design websites these days keep coming up with the giveaways. Participate in the contests and you can win premium stuff which can help you save money which you would otherwise be shelling out. 

With the ever increasing number of small independent software developers that keep coming up with high-quality stuff, finding the ones that don’t wear hefty price tags is easy to find and use.  

Join programs for startups

If you have just started your online business, there are cool websites that offer best deals for startups. Join the programs and avail the deals that are best for you.

1. Go.CO

The .CO offers you more than just a web address. Every .CO comes with free access to the .CO Membership Program. Users simply need to sign up to start taking advantage of the extra perks that come with their .CO domain. Besides, .CO helps you spread the word about what you are building on .CO, enjoy complimentary access to hot industry events and exclusive invites to networking functions and enjoy special deals and offers available.


2. F6S Deals

This is the community for Startups that has the highest-ranked startup programs globally, 3,700+ startup events, funds, over one thousand companies that offer superb deals and much more.


3. Rewardli

PerkHub formerly named Rewardli is a leading provider of white label perks and group buying solutions. Used by companies like Google, American Airlines and TriNet, PerkHub lets users discover and save their money on the products/services to run their business. Here, users can combine their buying power with other professionals and small business owners. Besides, getting deals and discounts normally reserved for big companies promise a wonderful experience for startups.


Best Deal Websites 

As I have mentioned in the beginning, from software to design templates, design resources like brushes, fonts, mockups, textures, stock photos and more, there are many websites that offer you great deals. Here, I will be listing down the best deal websites that will help you save smart and handle your finances quite well.

1. Dealotto

Brainchild of Liam McKay and Spencer Finnell, dealotto is a website that provides quality, fun and great deals in a pressure-free environment. Dealotto is a daily deals website with a huge difference. Here you can get great deal as standard but you could win further discounts on the daily deal up to 100% off.


2. Mighty Deals

At Mighty Deals, designers can save from 50% to 90% off on stuff like design tools, royalty-free vectors, PhotoShop actions, professional templates (WordPress, Drupal, Facebook), Mac toolkits, web development lessons and much more.


3. My Design Deals

MyDesignDeals is a home to millions of dollars that are saved on amazing design resources. From vectors to textures, and fonts, it has lot of amazing stuff. Besides,there is a cool number of helpful tutorials that ensure to help innumerable designers at different stages. Get best discounts and deals at My Design Deals.


4. Design TNT

Here is what Gisele Muller from WebDesignLedger said about Design TNT :

“This is a one-stop place for web designers where you can find tons of awesome design goodies.”

Founded in July 2011, Design TNT delivers useful and innovative resources for designers and web developers everywhere. From texture packs to vector sets, templates, tutorials, Photoshop brushes, it has much more in store for all those who are looking for the same at best bet.


5. BundleHunt

BundleHunt is a website that has a group of talented developers, marketers and social media experts put together bundles of high quality software with the aim to empower the creative community.

Here you can find highest quality bundles at the lowest prices. From feature rich and powerful applications to various design resources, available are the latest versions and ones for which you have to shell out minimal amount.


To wrap up, all I would say is that its not difficult to save your hard earned money by keeping a check on your finances and availing the deals available. The deal websites for designers and developers listed above are certain to be of great help. Do let us know what do you think of the websites pinned here.


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