11 Best Christmas WordPress Plugins to Decorate your Site

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All those of you who are working in online business especially using the WordPress CMS surely know about the the WordPress Plugins that help you decorate your websites to add to the festivity mood. Yes, I am talking about best Christmas WordPress Plugins that help decorate the WordPress powered websites.

Today, we have come up with the 11 best free Christmas WordPress Plugins to decorate your website. Take a look and make use of the ones you wish to choose.

11 Best Christmas WordPress Plugins

1. DW Popup Card

Developed by DesignWall, this free WordPress plugin is just perfect to greet your visitors with beautiful popup cards. Not only for Christmas, this plugin could be used for any holiday or season. This plugin helps to spice your website with personal greeting card and even supports snow effects and card thumbnail.


2. WP Christmas Class

Do you want to change the looks of your site but don’t to play with theme’s coding? WP Christmas Class is at your rescue that will add a custom class to your body tag on your defined date range. You can change the entire look of your website using this custom class.

The plugins also gives an option to choose you date range, that means, you can use this plugin for the entire year (e.g. Easter, Halloween, Summer, Spring, etc.


3. Christmas Countdown Widget

Want to showcase the days left in the Christmas on your website. This free Christmas WordPress plugin let you display a cute Santa counting the number of days left in the Christmas. Even, you can use the shortcode [conuntdown] to use in any post or page you want.

The plugin gets update each year so you can leave it on your site and it will show number of days left for Christmas in the next year. On Christmas day, Santa Claus greets your visitors “Merry Christmas”.


4. Christmas Countdown Clock

Well, this is another type of WordPress Christmas countdown plugin that will help you show no. of days, minutes and seconds left in the Christmas. Not only that, you can choose from various designs, animations, sizes and backgrounds according to your site looks. You can check the entire collection of clocks on MyCountDown.org.


5. Merry Christmas Everyone

Developed by Sandeep Verma, this plugin adds an animation effect to your website in which cute Santa Claus will fly having gifts, candies, snow and much more on your website. In plugin settings, you can choose from two available Santa and even play MP3 song in the background.

6. WFS Let it Snow

Developed by WinkingFrog Studios, this is a straight-forward plugin that lets you add snowfall to your website. This plugin use jQuery plugin SnowFall for showing snow effects and plugin is created by Jason Brown. The plugin does not require any shortcode or widget to work, just click on plugin settings and you are good to go after configuring.


7. Snow, Balloons & More

While the above Christmas WordPress plugin lets you display snow on your website, this website is more than that. It lets you display snowflakes, balloons, leaves and any pic that you add in the gallery will appear on the settings page. This plugins also helps you configure number of snowflakes, limit the plugin to specific pages or posts and choose option that makes balloons, snowflakes float upwards. Interesting?


8. Tribulant Snow Storm

Here’s another plugin that will help you display snow in front of your WordPress website that you can customize according to your needs by configuring plugin settings. Developed by Tribulant services, this plugin is free to download and decorate your site on this festive season.


9. Simply Snow

Okay, all these WordPress snowflake effects plugin come with lots of customization options but if you want none of these, Simply Snow is a clear and simple plugin that will add snowing effect as soon as you activate the plugin and you are done.


10. GC Message Bar

There are many sites that offers discounts and special coupons on their products/services in festive season. If you are the one boasting offers on your website, why not let your users know by placing a sticky bar on top or bottom of the website with call to action button. We are sure it will increase the conversion rate and make your Christmas more pleasant.


11. WP Scheduled Themes

On number 2, we reviewed a WordPress plugin that helps you to change the looks of your website adding custom class. While this plugin will let WordPress administrator schedule different themes to display on the website for Christmas, New year or other events. So, install this plugin and make sure that your site won’t look same and greet your readers in a festive mood throughout the year.


These best Christmas WordPress plugins will ensure to help you decorate your WordPress websites and treat your visitors with Christmas decorations. Which one(s) would be your pick? Do let us know!


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