Best Apple Swift Tutorials for Beginners

Those of you who attended or watched  this year’s WWDC well know about the new programming language released by Apple. Incase you don’t know about what Swift is let me introduce you all to a this all new programming language for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch. With it writing the code has become interactive and fun, the syntax is concise yet expressive and apps run lightning-fast.

Developers know how cool this new language is proving to be ever since it is being introduced for iOS and OS X project. If you are new or have lately joined the queue of developers getting acquainted with Swift Apple while introducing it came up with ‘Swift Reference Guide’. It is indeed quite helpful but asks you to spare out a bit long time. If you are falling short of time but wish to learn more about the new programming language to develop different apps, there are some really helpful tutorials that you all would love checking out for these help you get well acquainted with the language in easy and comparatively lesser amount of time.

We have compiled a list of useful best Apple Swift tutorials that will give you a quick tour of the language in simple way. Scroll down and I would suggest go through all of them as each one will make you learn more and more about this new programming language from Apple named Swift! Hope these free Apple Swift tutorials will help beginners to learn this new programming language.

Best Swift Apple Tutorials for Beginners

1. The Swift Programming Langauge

A free e-book available on iTunes by Apple company, this e-book will cover everything about new coding language including quick tour, references and every feature.


2. An Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Swift

Shared by renowed TreeHouse blog, this one is perfect for those who don’t know “S’ about Swift programming language.


3. Swift Tutorials for Beginners : Developing iOS App Using Swift

A very detailed Swift tutorial that we consider as one of the best on the internet. This tutorial will help you develop iOS app using swift and in two parts.


4. Swift Tutorial : Developing iOS8 Apps

Best Swift tutorial by Jameson Quave that comes in 7 parts and teaches you every aspect of creating iOS 8 apps your Swift language.


5. Swift Tutorial : A Quick Start

A great tutorial by Ray Wenderlich for those who want to learn all aspects of Swift programming language in 15 minutes including variables, control flow, classes, best practices and much more.


6. Swift Programming Tutorial for iOS 8 – Introduction

Another good tutorial for beginners who want to learn creating iOS 8 apps using Swift language.


7. An Introduction to Swift

Another useful Swift tutorial that is perfect for beginners to learn more about the new coding language and the next part will help you be more advance in Swift.


8. iOS8 Swift Cheat Sheet

Submitted by Yaffari, this is useful iOS8 Swift cheat sheet and quick reference guide for iPhone developers.


9. Swift Cheat Sheet

Another useful Swift Cheat sheet available that will help you learn how to use new programming language.


10. Introduction to Swift for Non-Programmers

This one is a Swift tutorial for those who don’t much about coding. With more than 22 reviews on, this if one of the best free Swift Apple tutorial.


11. iOS Swift Tutorial – Swift Programming Basics

Shared by Ravishanker Kusuma, here’s another useful Swift tutorial that will help you learn Swift programming basics.


12. SWIFT Tutorial – Make your Own iOS MapKit Application

Mapkit is a framework developed by Apple and this tutorial by Md.Arifuzzaman will help you learn integrating Mapkit with Google Map javascript API to make a complete application using Swift.


Do let us know which one of these useful Apple Swift tutorials you will use to learn. Have your say and share your views with us by leaving a comment!


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