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Photoshop is one cool tool that helps designers give shape to their ideas but then some people get stuck while handling this tool but wish to continue with what they have decided to design. What’s the solution then? Join some course or attend some classes? Who has that much of time? Here, best Photoshop tutorials come into play!

Tutorials are step wise procedure that are written by designers who have mastered the designing skills and wish to help their fellow designers incase they get stuck and need help. Each month we compile a list of best Photoshop tutorials along with the pictures of what would be the final results. Before you scroll down to get a glimpse of this month’s listicle, sneak a peek at last two months’ list of useful Adobe Photoshop tutorials by clicking the links below.

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Best Adobe Photoshop Tutorials of June 2014

1. FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 Photomanipulation in Photoshop

When you click on the link you are directed to the main page where you can check out the Timelapse video of a concept art for the Fifa World Cup Brazil 2014 by FlowDesigns.


2. The making of ‘Garrosh Hellscream’

In this tutorial, Method Studios modeler, Mike Hong has explained how multiple software packages can be used to create orc, Garrosh Hellscream which was his first attempt.


3. Outer Space Astronaut Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a realistic outer space galaxy background with an astronaut that seems lost in space. Besides, by going through this tutorial you will learn to create a galaxy background by adding lots of outer space elements such as meteorites, comets, universe lights, star dust and many others to let you get the realistic feel.


4. Photoshop tutorial: Create a cube mosaic portrait

In this tutorial, Fabio Sasso will make you learn how to create a deconstructed image using a pattern made out of cubes.


5. Photoshop tutorial: High-end photo compositing techniques

In this tutorial, Kevin Roodhorst makes users learn how to make an Africa-inspired graphic compiled from a number of photographic elements. You will learn how to make several textures and effects including lighting effects, using Photoshop and Illustrator.


6. Create A Snake Leather Skin Text In Photoshop

This tutorial makes you learn how to create snake text effect in Adobe Photoshop using a reptile leather skin texture and some basic layer styles.


7. Create An Engraved Wood Logo In Photoshop

Spotted at PSD-Dude, this Photoshop tutorial makes you learn how to create an engraved burnt wood effect in Photoshop. As you all can see, there is PSD Dude PS tutorials is engraved. Users can use any type of layer, text shape and raster and write any text they wish too.


8. Photo Manipulate a Mystical Tribal Warrior

In this tutorial users will learn how to create a mystical tribal warrior applying useful techniques from blending tactics, to digital painting, lighting, layout sketching and many more.


9. How To Create Leafy Text Effect In Photoshop

In this tutorial users will learn how to create leafy text effect in Photoshop by exploring the use of tree bark texture to form the basis of the text, later applying leaf texture over the text by making use of tools and other features of Photoshop.


10. Metallic Rivets on Denim Text Effect

In this tutorial you will learn how to use Photoshop’s Layer Styles and a simple Brush to create a metallic rivets inspired text on a denim background in just few simple steps.


11. How to Make Delicious Ice Cream Text in Photoshop

This tutorial makes you learn how to create yummy typography by using simple tools: layer styles, brushes and stock photos.  You’ll need Photoshop CS5 or newer to follow this tutorial.


12. Create a Captivating Street Dance Competition Poster with Photoshop

Learn how to create a captivating street dance competition poster with Photoshop.  Starting from quick and dirty tricks about selection, playing with layer blend modes, changing object color the easy way, import and place some 3d render, adding lens flare, you get to learn a great deal.


13. Create A Fur Text Style In Photoshop

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a furry text effect in Photoshop using fur creator. All you need to do is follow just few simple steps and use your creative skills.


14. How to Create This Stunningly Surreal Artwork of a Secret Temple Above the Sky

This tutorial ensures to make you learn how to create a surreal photo manipulation of a climber who finds the secret temple above the sky with Photoshop.


15. Create the Abstract Photo Manipulation “Imperfection”

In this Photoshop tutorial you will learn how to create an emotional, abstract photo manipulation. Besides, this tutorial will make you learn how to combine abstract elements, work with groups, create depth of field and more in just few simple steps.


16. The Creation Of Motion Digital Art In Photoshop

In this tutorial users will learn to create “Motion” Digital Art in Photoshop by using splatter brushes to paint the background and apply particles/break-apart effect with various textures.


17. How to Make a Glowing Planet on a Space Background in Photoshop

Spotted at Design Panoply, this tutorial makes you learn how to create a futuristic, glowing planet on top of a space background using Photoshop filters and a single texture.


18. How to Create an Abstract Low-Poly Pattern in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator


19. How to Create Distorted Lady Figure Effect In Photoshop

In this tutorial you will learn how to create distorted lady figure effect in Photoshop using metal and rock texture over a female body to create the main effect and use image adjustments, layer masks and filter to fine-tune the effect and get the desired result.


20. Create a Fantasy Photo Manipulation of Valkyrie

Learn how to get the fantasy photo manipulation done with mythological goddess Valkyrie. With this tutorial, you get to learn how to create dark themed background by using only two stock photos, add dramatic effects with particles and how to make depth of field in your work. 


21. How to Turn your Image into a Color Mixture Photo in Adobe Photoshop CS5

In this tutorial you will learn how to convert an image into a color mixtures photo, complete with overlay effects, colour treatments and elements in just few simple steps.


22. How to Create a Set of Annotations in Adobe Photoshop

In this tutorial, we get to learn how to create a simple set of annotations in Adobe Photoshop. From the very initial step of creating the color boxes using basic tools and some simple layer style attributes along with basic typing techniques, this tutorial help us get the desired results.


23. Create an Eerie Photoshop Manipulation of a Dark Queen in a Cemetery

Learn how to create photo manipulation of a dark queen in a dark cemetery with Photoshop. Besides, you will learn how to create spooky dark atmospheric.


 24. Designing a Simple Instagram Based Portfolio in Photoshop

In this tutorial users will learn the process of creating a simple and clean Instagram-based portfolio by following just few simple and easy-to-follow steps.


With the hope that you liked the compilation, we stop here. Stay tuned for list of best Adobe Photoshop Tutorials which we will be coming up with next month.

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