Best Adobe Illustrator Tutorials of May 2014

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Adobe over the years has brought many changes in the life of the people all over. With its various softwares like Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and many more, it has reached new heights in terms of popularity and user base.

This is not the first time we are talking about the Adobe. Recently, we came up with the list of The Best Adobe Creative Cloud Alternatives and last month if you remember we published an article in which we pinned down Best Adobe Illustrator Tutorials of April 2014.

As we all know, Adobe Illustrator is one of the key software of Adobe that helps in designing and coming up with superb visually appealing designs that stand apart from the crowd. But then, its not as simple to work with Adobe Illustrator and what you need is expert advice or help to follow the best Adobe Illustrator tutorials available on the Internet and get the desired results.

It is here, when tutorials by professional designers come into play as these ensure to help you out in simple and easy to follow steps. Here, is the list of this month’s best Adobe Illustrator tutorials that you all would love checking out and try your hands out.

Best Adobe Illustrator Tutorials of May 2014

1. Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop Tutorial: Create an Amazing Abstract Artwork

Spotted at, Rob Shields use both Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to create an amazing Abstract artwork that feels balanced.


2. Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop Tutorial: Create Vector Animal Type

Using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, this tutorial will help you to learn creating Vector animal type that we spotted at, one of the best sites if you are looking for best Adobe Illustrator tutorials.


3. Adobe Illustrator tutorial: How to make objects look 3D in Illustrator

If you love above two Illustrator tutorials by, we are sure you’ll love this too. In this tutorial, you will learn how to extrude and shade basic shapes to make objects look 3D in Illustrator.


4. Create a Coffee Mug Design in Adobe Illustrator

We are sure that you’ll love your mugs in which you enjoy your favorite drinks everyday while working. If yes, why not create very own designed coffee mug? This best Adobe Illustrator tutorial that we spotted at will help you create your own designed coffee mug in Adobe Illustrator.


5. All the Rage: 3D Style Retro Text Effect Tutorial

Learning text effects tutorials are always a fun, this fun Adobe Illustrator tutorials from will help you to create 3D style Retro text effect. Who says that Retro is no more, it is everywhere!


6. Create a Gingerdead Man in Illustrator

We must admit that finding best Adobe Illustrator tutorials from last one year or so, we never came across the site named but they have some great tutorials and design resources. Coming to this tutorial, this will help you learn creating Gingerdead man in Adobe Illustrator.


7. Create Cupcake in Illustrator

Another useful Adobe Illustrator tutorial by that will help you learn creating delicious cupcakes using basic shapes and the pen tool.


8. How to Create a Smeared Ketchup Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop

Don’t get confused by the title, this tutorial use both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create below Ketchup Text Effect. In the end of the tutorial, it will help you to learn how to to smear or smudge the Ketchup effect.


9. Create a Gentle Flat Oriental Pattern in Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is the best designing tool when it comes to create a seamless pattern. This tutorial will also help you learn creating beautiful oriental pattern in Adobe Illustrator.


10. How to Create an Easy Coffee Shop Facade in Adobe Illustrator

Loved the above text effect created in Adobe Illustrator, this tutorial from will help you create an easy coffee shop facade using Adobe Illustrator Rectangle tool mainly.


11. Illustrator Tutorial : Corn always comes up with easy tutorial that will help you create various illustration using basic shapes in Adobe Illustrator. This time, you will learn creating beautiful corn illustration with the help of cool Adobe Illustrator tutorial.


12. Sweet and Sassy: How to Create Your Own Lollipop Vector

Another great Adobe Illustrator tutorial published at that will help you learn create two delicious candy vectors using basic tools and Brush strokes panel in Adobe Illustrator.


13. Game of Thrones Inspired Line Art Logos in Illustrator

Spotted at, Chris Spooner will explain how to create your on geometric line art inspired by Game of Thrones using Adobe Illustrator.


14. Wow Your Upscale Crowd with This Simple D-I-Y Ribbon Font Text Effect

This is one of the best Adobe Illustrator tutorial that will help you to learn turning any simple font into folded ribbons to create an awesome ribbon font text effect that you can use for upscale designs.


15. Create a Retro Phone Illustration in Adobe Illustrator

We already told you that retro is not going anywhere and this Adobe Illustrator tutorial published by Mary Winkler at will help you learn creating retro phone illustration very easily.


16. How to Create a Weather Icon in Adobe Illustrator

Creating icons in Adobe Illustrator is a fun task and if you love it too, check out one great Adobe Illustrat0r tutorial spotted at that will help you learn creating weather icon using gradient fills, blending modes and Gaussian blur effect.


17. Create a Flowerpot from Scratch in Adobe Illustrator

This tutorial that we spotted at will help you learn draw an flowerpart from scratch using several techniques in Adobe Illustrator.


18. How to Create Semi-Realistic Weighing Scales in Adobe Illustrator

Another useful Adobe Illustrator tutorial published by that will help you learn creating semi-realistic weighing scales using various basic shapes in Adobe Illustrator.


19. How to Create an Abstract Vector Portrait in Adobe Illustrator

Create an abstract portrait of a girl in Adobe Illustrator with the help of tutorial published at


20. Create your Own Realistic Leather Texture

Designers always need texture for various purposed but how cool if you can create your own. This tutorial published at will help you to create your own realistic leather texture that you can use in your future projects.


With this we come to an end. Now you tell me, aren’t these best Illustrator tutorials worth trying out? Personally, I would love to try my hands on How to make objects look 3D in Illustrator. Which one(s)  would you like to try out? Let us know by dropping in your comments below.

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