Best Adobe Illustrator Tutorials of June 2014

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Jotting down best Adobe Illustrator tutorials is one thing I like very much and when the scheduled time comes to make the article in which useful Illustrator Tutorials of the preceding month are comprised, it makes me all the more exciting. In the previous months that is of April and May 2014, we came up with the best Adobe Tutorials (Best Adobe Illustrator Tutorials of April 2014Best Adobe Illustrator Tutorials of May 2014). The list comprised of some superb visually stunning cool Adobe Illustrator tutorials which were actually worth mentioning.

This month’s list includes not too many but the worthy and best Adobe Illustrator tutorials which you all are surely going to love checking out and would definitely want to try your hands on. Take a look at them and don’t forget to drop in your comments stating did these meet your expectations and do you find them worth sharing with your friends.

Best Adobe Illustrator Tutorials of June 2014

1. Create a Retro Footballer in Adobe Illustrator for the World Cup

Fifa World Cup 2014 is in the full bloom and if you are looking to create something to show your love for the football game, this awesome Illustrator tutorials spotted at will help you to create retro footballer.

If you follow football religiously, don’t forget to check out our other articles showcasing Official ESPN Fifa World Cup 2014 Official Team Poster Designs, Minimalist Fifa World Cup 2014 Poster Series, Flat Design Shields of Fifa World Cup 2014 Teams.


2. How to Create a Surreal Poster Design in Adobe Illustrator

Another cool Adobe Illustrator tutorial spotted at that help you to create surreal poster design with the help of some basic shapes.


3. Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: Create Stylish Vector Portraits

It is always a pleasure to share tutorials we find at due to the quality. This time, you can learn to create various stylish vector portraits with the help of Adobe Illustrator.


4. Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: Add depth to your Vector Art

Sometimes, artworks created in Adobe Illustrator looks flat and subtle. If you want to add some depth to your Vector art, this Adobe Illustrator tutorial spotted at will help you.


5. Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop Tutorial: Design Damask Patterns for Wallpaper and Homewares

Another useful tutorial from that help you to create damask patters for desktop wallpapers or even home wallpapers.


6. How To Create Typography Illustrations the Easy Way

Creating typography illustrations is not an easy task but Chris Spooner explained a step-by-step Illustrator tutorial that will help designers to create typography illustrations digital way.


7. More Than a Box: Tips for Creating a Cardboard Vector Texture

This Illustrator tutorial will help you to create Cardboard Vector Texture with the help of Wrinkle tool and graphics texture that has been spotted on


8. How to Create the Batman Dark Knight Logo in Adobe Illustrator

Spotted at, this cool Illustrator tutorial for those who are looking to create logos in Illustrator. This tutorial will help you to create Batman Dark Knight logo in Illustrator.


9. Illustrator Tutorial: Orchid Plant published this useful tutorial that will help you to create beautiful orchid plant in a post with the help of Adobe Illustrator.


10. Create a Geisha Girl in Illustrator

After creating beautiful orchid plant, its time to create cute Geisha girl in Adobe Illustrator with the help of tutorial shared by


11. Create a Cute Vector Monster in Illustrator shared this Illustrator tutorial that will help you to create cute vector monster.


12. Create a Simple Drum Icon in Adobe Illustrator

Other than creating logos and vector elements, designers use Illustrator to create beautiful icons. This tutorial spotted at will help you to create simple drum icon in Adobe Illustrator.


13. How To Create Geometric Stripy Line Art in Illustrator

Creating abstract art with the help of basic shapes is very much easy in Adobe Illustrator, this useful Illustrator tutorial will help you create geometric strip lines that you can use in various poster designs or other graphics.


14. How to Create a Long Shadow Effect with Stylism in Adobe Illustrator

Enough of creating artworks and graphic elements in Adobe Illustrator, this tutorial from will help you to add long shadow effect with stylism to any object.


15. How to Create a 3D Vector Button

We are sure that you liked the below realistic 3D vector buttons created in Adobe Illustrator. You can make such 3D vector buttons with the help of best Adobe Illustrator tutorial published by


16. Create a semi-realistic Electric Extension Cord

Another useful Illustrator tutorial that we spotted at, this tutorial will help you to create semi-realistic extension cord.


17. How to Create an Abstract Low-Poly Pattern in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

Low-poly patterns or geometric patters are getting popular in graphic design, website design, logos and everything else. If you too want to use geometric patters in your own designs, check this useful Illustrator tutorial that will help you to create low-poly pattern and use it later.

We have also comprised a huge list of 130+ free polygon backgrounds that you can use for web design projects or other graphic design projects.


18. How to Create a Vector Texture Set

If low-poly geometric pattern is not your thing, you can check out this tutorial that will help you to create below texture set that you can use later in various designs.


19. Get Gilded with this Gold Ribbon Banner Vector Tutorial comes up with best Illustrator tutorials every month and this time you will learn to create various gold color banner vectors that you can use in various websites and graphic designs.


I am left with no words as I believe each of the above listed best Adobe Illustrator tutorials does the real justice and speaks for itself persuading the viewers to try their hands on to create the best ones for themselves. Correct me if I am wrong.

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