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10 Best PHP Tools of 2015 


PHP is server side scripting language which can be used with HTML code to write code for developing websites. It can also be used with various templating engines and web frameworks. PHP code is processed by a PHP interpreter and then executed as Common Gateway Interface. Once it is interpreted...

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20 Beautiful Long Shadow Icons for Inspiration

As a designer there are always choices to make when starting any project. From deciding the theme, the background image, colors and fonts to choosing the header and various effects to align with the theme of the page. Even if the client provides content there are still decisions about where...

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5 Lesser Known Browsers You Need to Know

Chances are right now most people reading this article are using Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or IE rather than any other browsers. These five or six browsers have gained a tremendous following and people invariable use them for net surfing. Since these browsers are very friendly and serve almost all...

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 10 Most Creative Leaflet Designs for Inspiration


Marketing is major part of any company’s annual budget. IT has increased multi-fold to around 7-10% of total turnover. This is because competition is stiff and every company wants to gain customers for their products and new features. Some of the best marketing tools are placing banners, TV advertisements, free...

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8 Free WordPress Plugins for Mobile Sites


WordPress is one of easiest to use and access CMS solutions. WordPress offers tons of options when it comes to themes, support and plugins. It remains the number one choice for website developers. WordPress is now used to create mobile sites which are compatible according to the size of a...

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Trends to Follow While Designing Mobile Weather Apps


Gone are the days when most people watched the weather forecast on television. These days the weather shows up on smartphones and tablets with alerts and eye-catching appeal. Almost all smartphones have their own apps to display the weather. But third party developers are also working on creating new apps...

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 How to Hire a Designer for your Startup 


Times are changing; users are more into smartphones, apps and social networks. They want everything to be done on websites and just with a click. The websites need to be crisp and fresh to attract users. This has led to demand for designers. Depending on the requirements and financial status...

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How to Design a Perfect Portfolio


Whether you are a freelancer, entrepreneur or employed, your portfolio needs to be as perfect as possible. Portfolios are the best way to market yourself and showcase your talents. Portfolios can be digital or physical, depending upon the career and the objective of the work. Potential clients or employers need...

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