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5 Tips to Deal with Design Clients


Often as a software developer, it is not always easy to keep calm while dealing with anxious clients. All developers have faced clients who aren’t necessarily easy customers. But they are the ones who are willing to pay for services, so it’s best to work hard to please them in...

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6 Tips to Cut Website Costs


One of the most important marketing tools for a new business is a website. Depending up on what kind of website and the style and features, there is a wide range that a company can spend. Hence it is important to strike a balance between creating the most useful website...

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Useful WordPress Drag and Drop Plugins


Drag and Drop is one of the most preferred ways of editing, customizing or creating pages on WordPress. It is equally appreciated by developers and non-technical staff due to the fact that it seldom requires any coding to produce a page. They are simple and yet effective. This helps to...

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10 Sites to Download Artful Vectors


Vectors are an important element of web designing and having a huge collection of these artful designs at hand surely helps in the completion of a web designing task quickly. Here we’ve tried to showcase the best free sites available which provide Vector designs which can be used for both...

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8 Useful Free Wireframing Tools


Web designer or developers are aware of the immense importance of the wireframing  tools in the process of designing and developing a website or web or mobile-based app. A good wireframing tool will not only provide a strong support to a developmental project but will also help clients to easily...

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9 Free Photoshop Plugins for Web Designers


Photoshop plug-ins are a great way to enhance the method of designing. They help prevent repetition so tasks don’t get boring. They also help to manage layers of the images with ease so they can be customized. 1. Size-Marks PS Size-Marks PS is great for adding a label to a...

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Showcase designs on Dribbble easily with Dribbbox


As the social media website for web designers, Dribbble allows users to share their designs and get freebies. But the most advantageous perk of Dribbble is the fact that designers can get feedback and constructive criticism of their work which will ultimately improve their designs. Dribbbox is a handy tool...

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10 Sublime Text Packages for Developers


It’s time to get technical: Sublime text is a cross-platform text and source code editor with a Python Application Programming Interface (API). It supports many programming languages and mark-up languages. Its functionality can be extended with plug-ins which are usually available free of charge. It is a very simple code...

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