A Freelance Designer’s Guide to Make Effective Business Plan

Freelancing in one career that is magnetising lot many people these days for the advantages it offers like ease and comfort of work, flexibility of time and many more like these. Quitting the job is easy but planning to start your own freelancing business asks you to be smart and work wisely from the very initial phase that is planning.

The title of this article indicates that its specifically related to designers but then many points we are going to list down are general ones. To begin with I have a question for you. Are you the one who wants to start your own freelancer career and want to do it the right way then you need to do the proper homework first. Which means you got to spare hours doing the research work as to the do’s and dont’s of freelance design business.

Even if you have already started with the freelance design business, we suggest you to read on. Business planning is one important step that needs to be given due importance for the very fact that we can’t underestimate the ease it provides. Spend a small amount of time and go about making a nice business plan and make sure you don’t miss out any point that might prove to be important in your journey called freelance design business.

If you think that business plan is like a big book with don’t know how many pages of text with charts and all then you certainly got to sit back and read on. I assure you will love creating the business plan. Here we have listed down important points of business plan or you can say essentials of complete business plan. The points listed below are in the form of do’s and don’ts, question you should ask yourself before starting your business and likewise. The target is helping you make the business plan for your freelance design business.

Why Is It Important to Make a Business Plan?

1. Know your set objectives and how to make efforts in right direction
2. Know the pitfalls before they happen
3. Tracking the growth of the business
4. To know the financial aspects of your business
5. To set realistic goals

Do’s and Dont’s of Business Plan:

1. Use Simple and easy-to understand language
2. Don’t over-fill the pages
3. Make it concise. It is advisable to keep it short and to-the-point
4. Include all aspects of the business like marketing, finances, growth strategy and likewise
5. Don’t go haphazardly instead follow order of events

Main Elements of Business Plan

1. Cover Page

The cover page of any business plan must include company name, contact details like fax, email and contact number, company logo, synopsis of the plan, unique selling points. It should include the who, what, where, when, why and how of your business. Your cover page is the snapshot of what the entire plan is all about.

2. Content

Finances, sales and marketing strategy, assets, outsourcing, set objectives and all relevant details form the part of the content of business plan.

a) Finances

Smart business plan includes all financial aspects to make an estimate of expenses and income.

b) Charges

This section comes under the finance section. It is always good to pen down the important financial aspects as to how much you will be charging for your services, how much will you pay if you outsource and likewise.

c) Assets

Include the assets like machinery, laptops, external disks, printers and other stuff that you will require to ease the workflow. Initially, it is bit difficult to estimate the number of assets you will require but then its good for the near future as it will let you know about the initial expenses.

d) Outsource/In-House Team

While doing the brainstorming one can easily make out as to how many people will form the team. There may be changes in the long run but mentioning the outsourcing and in-house team aspect is important part of any business plan.

e) Set Objectives

To see the growth one needs to have the set objectives and follow the path to achieve them. So, it becomes necessary to pen down the set objectives as to where you see your business some years down the line.

These are the important elements of business plan. We hope this article helps you prepare your business plan.


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