9 Best PHP Tools of Year 2017

PHP is one among the most popular programming languages used in the world. This popularity of PHP can be accepted by knowing the fact that around 2.1 million servers and 39 percent of the websites are built using PHP. Being a popular one, it is also considered as a powerful language, making it admirable for every programmer. Like any other language, PHP also contains a few concepts, which are tough to understand and execute. So, to save time, many programmers use the available PHP tools. Usage of PHP tools makes the hectic work of a programmer easy and also helps them in developing something unique.

Here in this article, we have come up with a few PHP tools for analyzing and parsing code, which you can use to enhance your programming skills.


PHP Copy Paste Detector tool will be of great help when you handle big projects. It helps you in analyzing codes and also prevents from repetitive errors. The accuracy of analyzing is perfect, offering you with easy configuration.

2. PHPCheckStyle

As a developer, you can maintain code conventions in PHP using this open source tool. It also helps you by scanning the input source codes and checking them for violation of standards. The best part of this PHP tool is that it helps beginners in understanding the basic testing and analyzing of codes.



PHP Mess Detector is another handy tool for any developer, and its Java counterpart is named as PMD. PHPMD is easy to configure and its interactive user interface makes it user friendly. This tool helps you by scanning the potential bad areas present in your code. Along with this, it also detects the bugs and sub-optimal codes.

4. Parsedown

Another consisting and swift tool for your PHP codes. The premium features provided by this tool are exciting to explore and can be proved to be the best, if used by a professional programmer.

5. Sabberworm

This tool is nothing but a parser for CSS records written in PHP. It allows you to extricate CSS records in information structure, permitting to control the structure, yielding a document in CSS form.

6. PHP Sandbox

This handy PHP tool helps you by preventing sandbox code from running any other unsafe codes.

8. PHP Analyzer

This tool performs comparable examination assignments that are preferred by the compiler. PHP Analyzer can be used to perform interface and many other sort and stream investigations. The yield report helps you in enhancing your PHP code by fixing the bugs.

9. PHP Markdown

This PHP tool is a library bundle incorporating PHP Markdown Parser. Here Markdown is a basic discussion instrument that converts even content into HTML. Using simple-to-peruse content arrangement you can compose codes without much of a stretch. After this the apparatus is changed into an organized XHTML structure.

BONUS: Detect Mobile Visitor with PHP User Agent

Here is a simple PHP script that detects Mobile USER AGENT. You can then use it on your site to offer to install you APP, or show different “mobile” content only to mobile users, or HIDE specific content for Desktop or Mobile. Or you can show different ads on your site/page, geared to specific users / smartphone types, etc. The usage possibilities are endless.

This script works for iOS, Android, Win 10 Mobile, etc.

These were the best PHP tools that you can use to enhance your programming skills. They not only enhance your skills, but also helps you and your creation turn into a professional one.

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