8 Useful free WordPress blogging themes

WordPress has become popular for bloggers around the world for multiple reasons including the number of themes available which can draw readers and traffic. Themes are evolving daily which focus on quality, clarity, and responsiveness. Many are mobile friendly which is highly desirable these days.

Here is a list of eight free WordPress blogging themes that can increase traffic while highlighting the best features of a blog.

1. Bushwick

Images add the glamour to content. Keeping this in mind Bushwick is a fantastic blogging theme from Automatic. This is a lightweight theme and gives users a slide out menu for their widgets.



Sometimes simplicity says it all. Opus is a free theme from wordpress.org. It has a mobile first approach and comes with a flat design that has good visual elements.


3. Blogly Lite

Blogly Lite has an interesting name and some useful options. It is a free theme from WPLift. It supports FontAwesome icons and post formats. WordPress’ Native Customizer will provide all the options for this theme.


4. Graphy

This theme is for those who like to add beauty and style to their text. Its most elegant feature is typography. Using this theme, words can be decorated and highlighted for greater impact. It has five widget options and a responsive design. In addition, the mobile first thinking is incorporated in this free theme as well which means it looks as beautiful on a tablet as it does on a laptop or PC.


5. Hemingway

This theme is perfect for those who believe in WYSIWYG. Hemingway provides a large header image and a stylish look with prominent typography. Users can add the accent colors and images of their choice to give it more personalized touch. It has standard, video, aside and quote post formats. Yes, it is responsive and quite suitable for high-resolution screens that offer highly crisp, sharp images.


6. Typefocus

This is this year’s highly favorable product, offering minimalist blogging themes that focus on typography and social icons and avatar in the sidebar.


7. Chocolat

This is a simple WordPress theme for blogging. It has a responsive layout with mobile first features that load everything in place and looks equally as beautiful on tablets and smartphones. It has its own widget that allows users to place ads.


8. Foodeez Lite

Foodeez Lite is a classy theme for food business blogs. Anyone who blogs about food and restaurants will love this theme. It is fully responsive and has floating navigation that can become persistent on scroll down. It provides clean, crisp and quality oriented themes.


The sky is the limit when it comes to WordPress themes. Don’t be afraid to check out all the options before deciding on a theme.

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