8 Useful Android Apps for Web Developers 

It’s a bit surprising when people say it is so hard to write code for web development in Android. There are so many apps available on the market that not only guide users on how to proceed when developing a webpage but they also help by suggesting a lot of effects and shortcuts.

There are apps that go right from web server to FTTP client to move files or to view the source code. There are analytical tools to analyze the website and then improve it to get better results.  Using these tools designers can create a website right from scratch to testing it on a server from any local network and then finally moving the files to an external web host using FTTP app to make the webpage live. Here are some simple apps that can update a webpage from anywhere in the world in matter of minutes.

1. kWS

kWS is an Android web server which will run on an Android device. It is superlight and extremely fast. Users can hardly notice any difference when loading pages from local wi-fi or any other web server. It can give up to 20 parallel connections and has built-in dynamic DNS update.


2. Analytix

Analytix is an app for visualizing Google Analytics data in real-time. It will provide designers with the top pages of the day, most searched words, page views, web traffic, top browsers etc. Users can choose the start and end date and number of results they want to see. It is optimized for mdpi and hdpi devices.


3. AndFTP

AndFTP is an FTP client app that allows the transferring of files to a web server via FTP, SFTP, SCP and FTPS protocols. Users can setup different FTP servers using this app and rename, delete or copy the folders. It comes with FTP file browser and device file browser.

4. VT View Source

VT View Source is a novel app that allows designers to view the underlying HTML. After installation, share the page URL. VT will then open the page and display its source. It also offers various color schemes.


5. Hacker’s Keyboard

This keyboard will take users back to the days when computers had a full five row keyboard. It is very useful for ConnectBot for SSH access. It is available in nearly 30 languages.


6. JavaScript Reference

This app describes the properties and method of each object. It has simple UI and has all Java built-in objects, HTML DOM objects and browser objects.

7. WordPress

If you are a novice and still using WordPress for creating a webpage, no worries this app will allow you to work smoothly. It enables you to write posts, edit content, view stats and manage comments.


8.  Webmaster’s HTML Editor Lite

Webmaster’s HTML Editor Lite is an HTML, PHP, CSS and JS editor for android users. It is very handy and easy to use. It is a set of different editors for all types of codes and also has a lite version option.

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