7 Useful Color Tools for Web Designers

Web designers usually give the look and feel of a website a lot of thought before they begin since visual appeal is essential. Readers tend to be attracted to beautifully deigned websites with memorable color schemes. Fortunately there are plenty of online color tools web designers can use to ensure a website gets noticed and read.

1. Colourlovers

This is an easy tool to search colors from millions of palettes and share thoughts on color schemes and trends with others online.  This online community allows people from all over the world to share their favorite color patterns trends and discuss them. The various categories include wedding, fashion, web, print data, craft and digital art. Subscribe to get their regular data feed.


2. Paletton

For those who aren’t well versed in selecting contrasting colors with a base color, this tool will surely help. Chose the base color, and Paletton selects a palette of colors to play with which all compliment each other well. colortools

3. Color Hail Pixel

This is one of the easiest tools available and it’s loads of fun. Users simply keep moving the mouse until they find the perfect color.


4. Colr

Colr allows users to upload an image and then will break down the colors to give a different perspective. It is a basic tool that allows web designers to fiddle around with colors in an image to get creative software ideas.


5. Adobe Color CC

This is an Adobe’s feature which allows you to browse and rate the existing color schemes. You can also create your own palette using this tool. You can explore amongst the most popular themes, random themes or your favorite themes can be stored.


6. Pictaculous

This also allows users to upload an image that evokes a particular emotion, style or atmosphere and breaks down the colors within so choosing a complementary color is easy.


7. 0to255

This allows designers to choose one color and then select borders or gradients within that color.


There are many other tools that allow designers to play with colors. Share your thoughts about the best ones in the comment section below.

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