6 Open Source Mobile Development Tools

Smartphones initially were a luxury but now they have become a necessity. Smartphones act as an mini laptop and are super easy to carry. They allow users to chat, video call, maintain calendars, check emails, build presentations or even check on the kids at home while at the office.

Mobile developers want to create applications to that will allow consumers to use their phones more effectively for work and play. The applications need to be small and fast so that they don’t eat up limited phone memory. The open source community is coming up daily with new applications and is playing a key role in the growth of mobile usage. growth. Here are some apps which will enhance creativity and enthusiasm when developing products for smartphones.

1. Convertigo

This software will help in developing and deploying various apps. Convertigo can be used to create apps for almost all platforms, including Blackberry, Windows, Android and iOS.


2. Openmobster

Openmobster is an open source Mobile Enterprise Backend which can be used for syncing  by providing a private cloud. It also offers push notifications. It is available on Linux, Windows and OS X.

3. WSO2 Enterprise Mobility Manager

This tool provides mobility solutions to comprehensive enterprises. It is free, works in the cloud, and is largest platform built on a single code base. It offers various products like App Manager, Data services server, Message Broker, task server, enterprise store, cloud gateway and a development tool. There is a community of support to help in getting started.


4. APG

Android Privacy Guard is an encryption key for Android which will encrypt and sign messages and send them through verified mail. It does key management and file encryption/decryption with symmetric and asymmetric ciphers.

5. Orbot

Orbot is a free proxy app that will empower other apps to use the internet in more private manner. It allows web surfing, private chat message and privacy on twitter.


6. App Accelerator

This app will help users write JavaScript native cross-platform apps at speed of mobile. It eliminates labor intensive and error-prone manual testing by creating durable test assets which can reduce testing time up to 90 percent.  Developers can focus on building fully reusable components in JavaScript.


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