5 Reasons Why One Page Websites are Great

Designing like any other field asks designers to keep themselves updated with the latest trends and shun the trends of the days gone by. If designers don’t keep themselves updated with the latest trends and keep working at their pace without knowing what’s the in thing, they are sure to face the failure. Web designers are constantly trying to understand the psychology of the target audience and their demand along with making efforts to deliver the content the best way possible.

When we talk about one page websites some confuse it with the static websites but then its not the case instead one page websites have different scenario. Introduction of HTML5 and jQuery made it possible for designers to come up with a new way of presenting the text that is in a one page. Users don’t have to click on page numbers instead just keep scrolling to check out the second, third and further pages. one page websites are nice looking websites with nifty transitions and effects.

One page websites is quite an in thing these days that designers are keeping in mind while designing the websites. The concept is widely being adopted worldwide to provide users with fast and simple experience. We have plans to come up with some examples of one page websites in days to come but for now we have decided to talk in detail about how good are single page websites or the reasons why single page websites are being appreciated now a days and becoming the trend of the day.

See, when something is being introduced or becomes a trend, some people favor it while others don’t like it for miscellaneous reasons. There are definitely the pros and cons of everything but our topic this time is just to let you know the positives of one page websites that are enough to persuade us all to give it a thumbs up and adopt the same in our upcoming projects.

Unlike, the websites that we have been witnessing till date, one page websites that have recently become the choice of many designers and viewers too keep all the content on the site in one scrollable location. Listed below are the reasons that will make you fall in love with one page websites.

5 Reasons Why One Page Websites are Great

1. You Get Everything At One Place

The very first reason to opt for single page website design is that in a one page website things appear to be simple, well organized and neat as it limits you in a space. In the quest to make the visitor contended the owner of the website has to make sure to provide the data of vital importance at one place. It sometimes becomes quite a daunting task to open up different pages to get the content. One page websites are make things simple and easy to scan and go through the content. 


2. Its the Latest Trend

As already mentions, one page website design is quite an in thing. A smart designer is the one who along with hardwork has the knowledge of what’s the current trend before it passes.  Being the latest trend is one good reason to opt for one page website design and delight the viewers with the content and overall simple appeal it has.


3. It’s Like Telling a Story

An endless debate is going on whether story telling form is good way of delivering the content or not. Some people argue that it makes the user feel bored in between while some believe that its one interesting form of delivering the content. Single-page website tells a compelling story thereby gathering maximum users. It makes the content appealing and interesting.


4. It’s Responsive

We have already talked in detail about 6 Reasons to Go for Responsive Web Design in 2014 and this goes for one page website designs too as it makes it easy for the the users to check the website on mobile devices like cellphones and tablets thereby enhancing the overall user experience.


5. It Helps in Easy Navigation

We all know that easy navigation is the key element of any website design. Correct me if I am wrong! One page websites promote easy navigation. Users don’t have to struggle hard to navigate through the pages. Remember our article on Useful Tips to Create Better User Navigation. While there we listed some really useful tips for our designer friends to create better user navigation, single page websites themselves help in easy navigation.


Aren’t these enough reasons to opt for one page websites? I guess, enough is said in favor of such kind of website designs. Besides being simple and easy to use these claim to enhance the overall user experience. What’s your take on this? Do share it with us by leaving a comment below.

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