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Infographics are not new and each one of us is well acquainted with them. Graphic designers for long have been leaving viewers amazed with superb designs letting them know what exactly the message is being conveyed. These creative minds well know how important it is to come up with infographics that ensure to impart knowledge to the viewer without making any compromise with the visual appeal. There is no shortage of cool infographics. You start surfing for one and you will get lot many of them to drool over.

Personally, I love infographics more than anything else as they are visually appealing and convey the right message for which it is created. Talking about designers and developers who are looking for right infographic to which they can easily relate can find many of them but the ones which would leave them awe-inspiring become the entrant of the compilation of creative infographics for designers and developers of at TheNeoDesign.

Months back we came up with the superb collection of nice, visually appealing infographics (Creative Infographics for Designers and Developers) witnessing which designers and developers would easily relate as each one of them was visual graphics talking about designers and developers.

Here is our latest compilation 40 creative infographics for designers and developers. Hit a jump to take the glimpse of each.

1. Evolution of Web Design

What could be the best way to start showcasing infographics related to designers and developers other than first infographic visualizing “Evolution of Web Design”. This article showcase basics of web design and how and when programming languages came to existence.


2. Evolution of the World’s Popular Brand Logos

The first article showing how web design evolved in these years while below infographic help logo designers understand about the famous brand logo’s evolution.


3. 40 Brand Logos With Hidden Messages

While the above infographic tell you about evolution of big brand logos, this infographic shows 40 famous brand logos with their hidden meanings. This one is perfect for logo designers who want to learn the messages behind logos.


4. The Logo Design Process

Till now, you have learned about famous brand logos, their evolution and hidden meaning. In this infographic, logo designers will learn about logo design process from concept to completion.


5. Eccentric Habits of the Tech Elite

WhoisHostingThis.com shared this wonderful infographic that shows the eccentric habits and hobbles of genius tech elites. This infographic surely gives you some motivation and inspiration to kickstart your career.


6. How to Start a Web Design Project

A perfect beginner guide for web designers who are happy to get their first web design project but confuse where to start from. So, this infographic will help designers to collaborate  with the client and how to create a perfect web design.


7. 101 on Eye Tracking – How your Eyes Move on a Website

This infographic shows that website design is more than it looks visually good. The most successful and effective website are those that looks visually beautiful and create a great user experience.


8. Periodic Table of Web Design Process

Spotted at NewDesignGroup.ca, this infographic show periodic table of web design process. A perfect cheat sheet for web designers and developers.


9. How to Start a Successful Career As a Freelancer

Want to start your freelancing business, check out below infographic that provides some valuable tips on how to start and make a freelance career successful.


10. HTML5 : Why Developers Need it?

This infographic will help developers to know more about HTML5, its uses and why every developer should learn this programming language.


11. Top 12 Must Have Tools for Web Development

Are you into web development, check out top 12 tools that will help you to develop a perfect website.


12. 50 Most Iconic Brand Mascots

Check below infographic by GlobalTechRepairs team that came up with 50 most iconic brand mascots that will surely give a dose of inspiration to designers when creating their next mascot design.


13. Color Profiles and Printing Explained

Spotted at TheLogoCompany.net, this infographic explains what is the difference between CMYK, RGB and Pantone and where they are used. A perfect infographic for DTP operator who create files for the purpose of printing.


14. Which Graphic Design Career Suits You?

Want to make a career in graphic designing field, check out below infographic to know how much experience you need in various designing careers and how much you can earn in future.


15. When Should you Fire a Design Client?

Sometimes, you need to move on in your life and same funda applies when some client is taking your troll. It is better to leave work for that client and put energy to find new one.


16. How to Heighten Website User Engagement

Designed by SuperFastBusiness.com, this infographic allows users to understand about user engagement in website and how to increase it. 1


17. 7 Reasons Why the Web Design Industry Sucks

Web Design industry has been changed, plagued by $5 gigs and many other marketplaces, it has been rotten. This infographic is based on statements by 300 beta testers, 1000 designers, developers and Internet entrepreneurs.


18. The Highs and Lows of a Graphic Design Career

Beautifully designed infographic from ZillionDesigns that show highs and lows of a graphic design career in a visually appealing way.


19. Blast from the Past : Web Design Trends you will Never Forget

A funny rather than a informative infographic that shows web design trends from past 90’s that you will never forget but want to. This infographic also explains how to use these trends in present if you really want to.


20. Bootstrap vs Foundation

Both are famous front-end frameworks but which one to use is a difficult question. Check out below infographic from Designmodo that will help you understand more about Bootstrap and Foundation.


21. The Anatomy of Horror Movie Poster

Related to graphic designing that shows creating movie poster is a complex task and when it comes to design horror movies poster, it become more difficult. Check out this infographic that will help you know anatomy of horror poster and thus help you in designing one easily.


22. Responsive Website Design

Designed by VerveUk.eu, this infographic will tell more about what is responsive website design, how does it work, key features and why you should switch to responsive website design.


23. Why you Business Needs a Responsive Website

Spotted at DriftStudio.co.uk, this infographic helps designers and developers to explain their customer why they need a responsive web design in 2014 and coming years.


24. Mobile App Design – It’s the Rule of Thumbs

Designing mobile app is not a simple task and it became more difficult due screen sizes getting bigger these days. This infographic shows how you design mobile app keeping rule of thumbs in mind.


26. Mobile Website Optimization

In the above infographic, you have learned about designing a mobile apps and this infographic will let you know how to optimize mobile website effectively to get the best ROI.


27. Designing and Developing for Web 2.0 and Web 3.0

Spotted by ZillionDesigns.com, this infographic help designers and developers to create website according to Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 standards.


28. The Importance of Whitespace in Web Design : Colorful Whitespace

Whitespace, we often call it as negative space, is as important as any other color in web design. This infographic will help you know about importance of whitespace in web design and how you use it effectively.


29. 10-Step Checklist to Build & Market a Successful App

Everyone is mobile apps business these days due to popularity of various mobile OS platforms but building a successful app is not an easy task. This infographic will help mobile app developers to build a great mobile app and then how to successfully market it because your app might fail without good marketing.


30. How Product Packaging Affects your Buying Decision

This infographic will help those who design product packaging because it will help them to know how buyers take decision by seeing the product packaging.


32. The New Age of Rebranding

This infographic show how rebranding gives a marketing edge and increase sales if applied effectively.


33. Do you Customers Need a Responsive Website?

This is possibly a question that comes everytime when anyone need a webdesign for their business. If you are a designer or developer, this infographic will help you rightly answer to your customers and give them full satisfaction.


34. Responsive Web Design : Establishing a Whole New Era of User Experience

Another useful responsive web design infographic that will help designers and customers to know more about it and why you should make your website responsive too.


35. How Much Does a Website Cost?

Do not forget to check out below infographic before quoting webdesign cost to your customers because they have an idea.


36. 8 Good Reasons Why you Must Use a Website Builder

Shared by MotoCMS, this infographic let you know about 8 reasons why you use a website builder. Though, we never like website builder at TheNeoDesign.com but you never know it clicked to someone.


38. How to Create a Better Product Page?

There are many things to keep in mind while creating a product page such as product details, specifications, images, etc. This infographic will help business owners and designers to create a awesome product page that will surely produce conversions.


39. The 7 Elements of a Successfull E-commerce Website

Above infographic showed how you can create a successful product page but creating full e-commerce website is a different story all-together. This infographic will go through 7 important elements that make a e-commerce website a big hit.


40. What is the Best Way to Build the Website?

There are various ways businesses build their website but this infographic will tell you which one are the best ways to build your website.


Aren’t these infographics that are created with designers and developers in mind cool? I loved them all! Do let us know what you think of the creatively crafted infographics.

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