15 Christmas Gift Ideas for Designers and Developers

December month brings in with it excitement of Christmas party, buying gifts for friends and families, preparations, dresses and lot of fun. As the day of celebration is just around the corner and I am sure you all might have started with the brainstorming sessions for parties, dresses and gifts.

Have you come up with any great gift for your near and dear ones? Still wondering? Well, I suggest start your search now as it is difficult to make the pick of best Christmas gift ideas for near and dear ones. There is no dearth of superb gifts for the special day but then more the options, more difficult it is to choose. Personally, I go crazy when it comes to buying gift for any occasion. This is one good reason, I don’t forget to write about the superb gift ideas for the upcoming occasion and celebration.

When it comes to geeks, designers developers who are passionate about their work, it is not easy to choose the right type of gift which they would love. Dresses for geeks? Chocolates for designers? Nah! If your friend, spouse or any near or dear one is a designer or a developer then I can help you choose the ideal gift for them and bring smile on their face this Christmas. Here is a list of best Christmas gifts for you all to make your designer/developer friends happy this festive season.

15 Christmas Gift Ideas for Designers and Developers

1. Ps Magnet Kit

For $12.90 you get this cool refrigerator magnet for your designer spouse/friend or sibling. The set comprises 13 magnets that will be very familiar to anyone who has used the photo editing software, they replicate the menus and tool bars.


 2. UI Stencils

From Browser Whiteboard Stencil to Website Stencil Kit, UI stencils has oodles of options ranging from $8 to $75. Open up the link and check out the options. I am sure you are going to love them all.


 3. MoMA Perpetual Calender, Gray and Silver

Now this one has to be one of the coolest gifts for your guy. Users can manually move the two magnetic balls to mark the date and month. Its a cool calender that is made of injection-molded plastic and magnets, it can be wall mounted or used on a desktop. Grab it for just $39.99.


 4. Don’t Make Me Think, Revisited by Steve Krug

This is a A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability (3rd Edition) (Voices That Matter) that you can buy for $29.14. Amazon has a good range of helpful books designers and developers that you can choose and gift to your loved ones this Christmas. 


5. Typodarium 2015: The Daily Dose of Typography

This is a nice Abreißkalender mit 365 Fonts£13.28.


6. Lifta Desk Organizer

Lifta is a desk organizer that aims at lifting computer to the proper ergonomic height, offer a place to store peripherals, and keep your desk tidy. You need to shell out $125 to grab this cool Lifta desk organizer.


7. Icon Notebook x3

This is a pack of 3 Icon notebooks that is a superb digital inspiration for designers and an ideal pick that wears a price tag of $25.23.


8. Pantone GP1401 Formula Guide

Pantone GP 1401 is a formula guide for that’s a must have for designers. if your spouse/friend doesn’t have it. Why not gift him this smart formula guide on Christmas. This solid Pantone features more than five hundred new colors to choose from. Smart color choices will unleash their passion and let their creativity soar. It is available for $121.27 from Amazon.


9. UX~UI T-Shirt

This is a smart tee that your friend or spouse will love for all good reasons. Grab it for mere $27.


 10. Font Me Typography Coffee Mug

This is a cool customizable ‘Font Me Typography Coffee Mug’ that is designed on the mug and would be a great gift for those who like fonts, type, historical, graphic, design, web, and typography stuff.


11. Day-ruining Invoices

For mere $ 25,  you can go for these notepads that have been creatively crafted by Jessica Hische to help the web designers in invoicing.


12. Tees from The Unrefinery

This store namely ‘The Unrefinery’ when you open it up you will see has a good range of cool t-shirts for designers and developers. The image below gives you a clear idea as to what all it has in store for you. Also, you get nice pair of earrings and buttons here that make a perfect git. Sneak a peek.


13. Pixel PC Mouse

This could be one coolest gifts for this Christmas. You got to shell out £14.15 to grab this one.


14. Balcony Desk

Personally, I liked it a lot. One cool space saving balcony desk that give users the freedom to work in the balcony without having to bother about where to place the laptop. The desk hooks over a balcony railing to create an instant work area, complete with integrated flower box. This balcony desk comes with a price tag of €118


15. Browser Sketch Pad

This handy graph paper with browser chrome on top to sketch out your UI and website ideas would be a superb gift idea.  $16.00 USD is its price.


Have any Christmas gift ideas for designers or developers which you think could be added to the list? Drop in your comments to let us know and we would love to feature in this list.

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