12 Essential tools for startups

The rate of technological development has created avenues for entrepreneurship. This decade has seen a rise in new businesses in part because the internet has been an effective medium for tapping market potential. A new business venture is a lot of hard work. But technologies and new platforms that can make the process of starting a new business easier and smoother. Here are some few online tools catering to the needs of entrepreneurs.

1. AngelList

Any new business idea needs capital. Seed funding is very important to startups if they have to check the practical feasibility of an idea. AngelList has a group of venture capitalists and investors who act as incubators to provide the initial funding for startups. It provides a good platform for entrepreneurs to connect with investors.


2. Clarity

The success of any business venture depends on the quality of ideas and advice that new owners receive. Clarity provides a marketplace to connect with industry experts and consultants before owners must make important decisions regarding capital expenditures. Clarity provides an online platform to seek expert advice for each and every aspect of a startup business.


3. Kickstarter

Kickstarter is a crowd funding platform where ideas take physical form with the support of investors. Owners can connect with investors on their platform. 


4. Docracy3

One of the most steps involved in starting a new business is to ensure its compliance with local laws and ordinances. Docracy contains an online collection of information about legal proceedings and the required documentation and the platform to seek the help of lawyers.

5. Alibaba

Startups generally need computer systems, other electrical and electronic devices, furniture and stationary. Alibaba is a portal which connects business owners with various manufactures, wholesale dealers, retailers to choose from. It will also serve as an effective platform for customized requests and multiple bidders.

6. iPage

The Internet is a very powerful medium to share information and expand visibility. A website is an integral part of a business and iPage plays an important role in providing hosting services with a lot of features to promote businesses online. Its services include website development tools, mailing system, storage and more.

7. Sprout Social

Social media marketing helps promote a businesses brand. But managing a company’s profile over different platforms can be tedious. Sprout social provides a hassle free solution to manage various social media profiles from a single account.


8. Designhill

It is important to have a good logo design for branding as well as marketing products.  Designhill provides users with a multitude of options including ready made or customized designs. This is a platform definitely worth trying.


9. Base Camp

A project management tool is essential for a startup in order to track and manage workflow of multiple projects and teams in a business. Base camp is a cloud based tool tailor made for this purpose.


10. Survey Monkey

Survey monkey is an important tool which helps users conduct surveys and study recent trends by market research. These market studies help users in making informed decisions and improving business strategies.  Survey monkey provides a platform for conducting and comparing surveys of competitors.


11. Wave

Accounting is an important part of tracking and managing income and expenses. Wave helps in streamlining the accounting process by handling payroll, monthly invoices, and more.


12. Dropbox

Dropbox provides storage solutions for handling loads of data. This comes with a personal cloud, file synchronization which is essential for projects handled by a team.

Technology is an effective tool in hands of well informed entrepreneurs. It provides room to invest time and energy in taking business to the next level. These tools are designed to do just that. 

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