11 Best online form building tools

People often need to create forms online for various purposes. However, creating these forms is a boring and time consuming task. But thanks to a number of tools available online, the method of form building has been made super easy and super fast. The following are some of the best online form building tools that make form building simple.

1. Google Forms

When it comes to form building tools, nothing can be better than the free service offered by Google. Google Forms is a part of Google Docs which allows easy creation and sharing of forms via emails or social media so that people can respond to it.


2. Formstack

For those looking for a form building tool that allows users to customize the forms according to their marketing needs without coding, then Formstack is a great choice. It also offers multiple integrating apps and routing options too.


3. FormCrafts

FormCrafts is a premium PHP form builder which comes for a fee. However, it will quickly be worth the money considering the amazing features which include retina images, conditional fields, automatic dropdown and responsive fields. It also provides users with analysis of forms.


4. FormDesk

Working through simple hyperlinks and or iframes, FormDesk allows users to create customized forms for their needs. Whether it’s a survey, registration or application form, users can create it and share it via internet or intranet sites and also publish them on social media or send them via email.

5. Formidable

Formidable is a paid online form building website with a simple layout that helps users to create and customize forms according to their needs in a matter of a few seconds. It also allows users to edit the published form from the front end without having to visit the admin panel.


6. Orbeon Forms

For those who need to build a form that is quite large in size and consists of multiple validation points, then Orbeon Forms is a good choice. Supported by W3C XForms norms, it allows designers to use the tools in both the open source version and commercial version.

7. Typeform

Building forms online is super easy with Typeform. Just sign up on the site with an account and start building. It also provides users with a host of ways to ease the process.


8. Quform

Whether it’s a complex or a simple form, Quform makes creating it super easy. This online form building plugin by WordPress allows users to create forms in a matter of seconds. The best part of this plugin is that it requires no coding and the form can be built with just a few clicks.

9. Email me Form

Email me Form allows users to redirect visitors to any custom made messages or URLs that you want to highlight. This paid tool for online form building has multiple features including drag and drop options.


10. Formsite

Formsite offers users over 100 different kinds of pre-built forms which can be used readily on various sites. It also allows for the sharing of the forms at various sites or via email. Forms such as questionnaires, surveys, and applications can be build with Formsite.

11. Formbakery

Formbakery just requires users to drag and drop the criteria they need to create a form. Yes, it really is as simple as that. Although there is a fee, this is one of the simplest online form building tools to use.

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