10 Usability Tips for Web Designers

Let me first of all give you the slightest idea as to what the article of the day revolves around. Usability! It’s the key factor that works in favor of making any website successful. No matter, how good the website is designed, how good and informative the content you come up with, if the user/viewer finds it difficult to access, s (he) will not be making an effort to come back again to check if you have worked on the usability part.

I mean you imagine yourself coming across a website that is creatively designed, find the content good, but then you are unable to understand how the navigation works, where (on which page) you will get the content you are looking for. What would be your next move? I assure you will be leaving the page and looking for the information or data on any other blog/website.

Who has that much time to understand the content presented in hotchpotch manner? So, while you plan to come up with a website of your own, there are many things you need to keep in mind or else your entire efforts might go down the drain. Ensure, that your website is creatively designed, the content is reliable, useful and put well, users get easier access and don’t find it difficult to navigate, scroll down, search. If any of the factors that contributes in making the user contented and happy with the product/service/content you offer is missing, you will not be doing justice to your hard work.

Further, I will be discussing the important, relevant tips and tricks that help you improve on the usability thereby making it easy for the users to access your website. Wish to know as to which tips and tricks help in improving on the usability part? Hit a jump and read on!

1. Easily Readable Text

The first and the foremost thing that affects the overall usability is the readability. If the user is not able to understand what information you are trying to convey, it will mar the entire efforts. Even if your website is visually eye-catching, the fact remains that easily readable text is of prime importance. Good typefaces, font sizes, no unnecessary number of typefaces, stress on body text, proper alignment all help in making the content easily readable.


2. Content Properly Organized

The content you present in your website shouldn’t be put in the haphazard manner infact, it should be well organized to ensure easy understanding thereby giving usability to the users. The key is to keep the content that concentrates on what the users want first, logically organizing the content and likewise.

3. Bold Headings

How many of us literally go through every point while going through any article. Sometimes, one does that, but when we are looking for the content are falling short of time, we take a glance and reading the headings make us understand what would that point be about. Talk about headings and subheadings, one should make it bold and catchy.

Headings/subheadings play an important role in increasing the usability as the user is able to differentiate it from the regular content like here at TheNeoDesign keep the headings in H1 and H3 format to let you all understand the content easily and know as to what the content is about that falls under a particular heading.


4. Regularly Updating The Content

This is one important tip to increase the usability. While checking various websites, if the user sees no updating for some time on your website,s(he) will consider it to be not of any further use. There are rare chances that visitors will come back to check if you have updated the website/blog (ever since the last time there was no updation). Make sure to regularly update the content which will help increase the usability. The content should be new, informative and easy to understand.

5. Search Box

Placing the search box on the home page will let the users get the content, information they are looking for the easy way. One just has to put in what is being required and without wasting the time, will get the content/information right there. Search box actually saves on effort and time one would otherwise have to invest unnecessarily when there can be as mart way out.


6. Easy Navigation

Now, this one got to be one of the key factors that will contribute in increasing the usability of any website. No matter how creatively the website is designed, how good the content is if the navigation is not easy thereby bringing the hurdle in getting to know where to look for the right and need information. Label the links well, ensure there are no broken links, there is a scroll bar to increase the usability of your website.


 7.  Responsiveness

With the ever increasing number of mobile users, now a day it has become important for web designers to make the websites as responsive as possible. Mobile and tablets are being used more and more to access websites, online stores, or any bog. So, to increase the usability, one needs to focus on making the website responsive.


8. Using White/Negative Space Properly

You all surely know what white space is but one needs to understand the importance of white space also known as negative space. It is best to design the website creatively, but fills every nook and corner of the webpage layout is simply not done. White space makes the text easily readable. Properly managing the white or negative space will increase the usability of a web design.

9. Contact Form

Nothing like making the user easily contact you! Add Contact Us at the end so that visitors can easily communicate with you. It should be easily understandable and should always be working.


10. Keep it Simple

The best of all you can do is make things as simple as possible. From content to design to navigate and everything that contributes in making the user contented should be made simple for easy access thereby ensuring the users don’t get baffled. Simpler the things are brighter are the chances that there is an increase in usability that directly effects the traffic and overall revenue, growth and development of the website.

In the end, I would like to definitely mention while creating any website of almost any niche, besides the tips and tricks listed above, one needs to make sure that each and every factor should be given due importance to even the minutest detail that will increase the usability and enhance the overall user-experience. Have any tip to add to the list, put it down in the comment section below.

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