10 Sublime Text Packages for Developers

It’s time to get technical: Sublime text is a cross-platform text and source code editor with a Python Application Programming Interface (API). It supports many programming languages and mark-up languages. Its functionality can be extended with plug-ins which are usually available free of charge. It is a very simple code editor with lots of features which can be explored with time. There are various shortcuts as well which are available for common editing, file crawler, spell checking, changing the theme of the text or the icon or sorting CSS. It offers a command palette which uses adaptive matching for quick keyboard invocation of arbitrary commands.

Sublime text also offers auto completion of entries according to user language and preference. Even though it is a complete package users can opt for enhancements by using plug-ins. Various plugins like Package control, SublimeLinter, Sublime Enhancements or Terminal, increase the advantages of Sublime Text. Let’s discuss some of the Sublime Text packages which any front end website developer should use:

1. AlignTab

AlignTab is used for aligning codes and is one of the most flexible alignment codes. Some of the features are :

–          Align using regular expression

–          Multiple cursor support

–          Table and Live mode

–          Custom Spacing, padding, and justification

–          Smart alignment detection in absence of lines

2. ColorHighlighter

This plugin previews hexadecimal color values by underlying the selected hex codes in different styles and colors. It also provides options for color picking and color format convertion to easily modify the colors.


3. MultiEditUtils

With this plugin users can edit multiple facets together. Users can also split the selection using some default commands. This code is useful in extremely long codes and saves lot of time. With many features like the jump_to_last command the cursor will directly jump to last, while strip_region command will strip all white spaces.


4.  Git Gutter

This plugin is useful when you are using Git. Git Gutter will flag all the gutter area whether it’s edit, addition or removal done in the code. This way users can easily compare their existing code with the original head code. There are various color themes available for icons which include Neon, Glacier, Cobalt, Fox2 etc.

5. Modific

Modific is very useful to track the changes done before the last commit. By pressing Ctrl + Alt + D users can compare all the changes and view the difference. Users can also preview the committed code for the current line and reverting code modifications.

6. Inc Dec Value

This feature will allow increasing or decrease numbers, hex color values, dates, etc. simultaneously. Users can even change letters to upper and lower case or capitalize all the data. Users can increase or decrease the value using the mouse wheels or pressing Alt + up/down arrow alternatively.

7. File Browser

With this you can navigate files or folders within the project directory. After installing this plugin a side bar appears where users can navigate through the files without moving from keyboard. This will definitely increase work productivity and work flow.


8. IconFont

This plugin provides snippets for fonts like Typicons, PaymentFont or FontAwesome. It is just like the HTML snippets where the abbreviation will be expanded to full length for each icon.

9. DistractionFreeWindow

This plugin allows users to work without distractions. It is very simple and subtle.


10. FilterLines

This is simple search tool that allows users to search a keyword or a string. It is useful to search through lengthy data.

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