10 Questions to Ask Before taking on a Redesign Project

While redesigning a website, developers must keep certain points in mind: what is needed by the client? What is their budget? Who are the target audiences? And lastly, what changes are required?

1. What is the Selling Point of the Business?

Before getting into the job, designers need to understand what sets a client’s business apart from others. The goal should be to highlight the strong points of the business for customers. The redesign of their the website should make clients stand out in a competitive market.

2. What is the Focus of Business?

The next point to consider is what client’s business goals are. Re-designer should know about the business and its goals in order to highlight the products and services on the company website.

3. Who are the competitors?

Knowing a client’s competitors will help a designer strengthen the client’s website.

4. What are the weak points?

An effective redesign of a website strongly depends on knowing the weak points of the company and offering a solution for them.

5. Who are the target audiences?

While redesigning the website, paying attention to the target audience is paramount. The website must be attractive to the audience intended.

6. How are the products marketed?

A website’s layout should depend on the marketing strategy the client. How they are going to sell their products is absolutely important in the redesigning of the website.

7. What is the budget?

Know what a client is willing to pay for a redesign. Depending on the budget offered, designers can shape a website accordingly.

8. What are the specifications?

A designer needs to know what a client needs on their website. Ask! Do they want something purely business-related or do they want any other topics included which may have been omitted in the earlier version.

9. How are they planning to maintain it?

Usually blogs and forums are maintained in order to keep customers updated about the business. This is done by company personnel. Ask how a client is planning on maintaining and updating their site so features for proper maintenance can be included.

10. What outcome is expected?

Ask clients the kind of outcome they expect from a redesign – a larger audience, a highly targeted audience? – and how they expect the website to look before a redesign begins.

Please comment about any other suggestions or questions to ask when considering redesign work.

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