10 Free Christmas Inspired WordPress Themes

It’s that time of the year again. The cold wind is blowing and soon everything will be covered in pretty, white snow. With the onset of winter people are gearing up for the holiday season and for Christmas. Here are some WordPress themes that will help to decorate any WordPress blog in the holiday spirit.

1. Mistletoe

With the upcoming season, it’s essential to decorate blogs with the spirit of holidays. Mistletoe comes loaded with a cute little snowman and handwritten fonts (courtesy of Google Webfonts) to give blogs or web pages a holiday feel. It is a minimalist theme comprised of two columns that is perfect for the holidays.


2. Merry Christmas

The name says it all. Merry Christmas is a pretty WordPress theme with a dark background that is perfect for the upcoming holidays. The best part is that it can be customized according to anyone’s needs. Although it is a simple theme, it has some pretty cool effects which can be used to amaze viewers.


3. Snowy Christmas

Initially created solely for ChristmasWordPressTheme.com, Snowy Christmas is one of those themes that was later made free for public use. This theme captures the spirit of the holiday season perfectly with the red and green hue, snowman, snowfall and loads of Christmas trees.

4. Christmas Gifts

For those who are blogging about Christmas gifts or selling them, then Christmas Gifts is the perfect holiday theme. It is created on a darker background and will pop any site to draw viewers. This WordPress theme is designed so as to perfectly adorn a website in the spirit of the holidays and has a unique layout that will make any blog stand out.

5. Christmas Blog

What can be better than the combination of red and black? The colors are vibrant and attention grabbing. Christmas blog comes with loads of widgets that makes the utilization of the theme pretty easy. The theme is primarily created for WordPress and consists of customizable options so that users can prep their website for the holidays in any fashion they choose.

7. Christmas

The name says it all. Christmas is a WordPress holiday theme that is designed with the favorite character of the winter season: Santa Clause. This is a simple and minimalistic theme which is created on a white background and captures the essence of Christmas perfectly.

8. WordPress Merry Christmas

White, green and red! All the colors of the holiday season are captured perfectly in this WordPress theme called Merry Christmas. With loads of widgets and plug-ins that will help to customize websites completely, this Christmas theme will help users to extend the happiness of the holiday spirit to visitors.

9. WordPress Christmas

WordPress Christmas is a minimalist theme consisting of two columns. Along with the theme users will also get the PSD source files which are used to decorate the theme elements to achieve the look that you want. It also comes with two pre-made CSS layouts which can be used to jazz up a blog.

10. Christmas Crox

Christmas Crox is a three column theme which is based on a blue and white background and is ready for use on a WordPress blog or website. It includes holiday elements such as snow and Christmas trees. It is also widget-ready so that users can add the widgets of their choice in order to customize a blog.


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