8 Sites to learn Drupal for free

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When it comes to Drupal, people are often afraid to venture into new territory. Here are some of the best sites which will provide users with a detailed knowledge of Drupal, so that they can code with it easily and like a pro. 1. Free Course :  Four Week Drupal...

10 Free Registry Cleaning Tools

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System registries need to be cleaned regularly to improve its performance. A good cleaning will also help in keeping a computer fast and safe from malware. There is plenty of software available that offers cleaning but users need to read reviews to make sure what they plan on using before...

6 Open Source Mobile Development Tools

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Smartphones initially were a luxury but now they have become a necessity. Smartphones act as an mini laptop and are super easy to carry. They allow users to chat, video call, maintain calendars, check emails, build presentations or even check on the kids at home while at the office. Mobile...

10 Handy Tutorial Sites to Learn WordPress

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WordPress is a widely used platform to publish various items from blogs, to news to photography. Its popularity is due to in large part to its easy to use interface and customizing options. Potential designers can easily manage websites and blogs using WordPress as a platform. Many tutorials are available...

8 Excellent Tools to Analyse Websites

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No matter what kind of website, whether it’s a blog, product display, business development or a simple photography display, website analysis tools will be needed to complete the design. These tools can be operated in web hosting admin panel and will help in analyzing the website top to bottom. Website...

Top 10 Hosted E-Commerce Platforms

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Thinking of starting an online shopping store? Consider looking into an e-commerce platform. A hosted e-commerce platform is basically a software service which allows users to showcase their products online. It allows merchants or designers to use a number of features and integrations to receive online payments. For merchants who...

5 Tips to Deal with Design Clients

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Often as a software developer, it is not always easy to keep calm while dealing with anxious clients. All developers have faced clients who aren’t necessarily easy customers. But they are the ones who are willing to pay for services, so it’s best to work hard to please them in...

6 Tips to Cut Website Costs

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One of the most important marketing tools for a new business is a website. Depending up on what kind of website and the style and features, there is a wide range that a company can spend. Hence it is important to strike a balance between creating the most useful website...