9 Best PHP Tools of Year 2017

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PHP is one among the most popular programming languages used in the world. This popularity of PHP can be accepted by knowing the fact that around 2.1 million servers and 39 percent of the websites are built using PHP. Being a popular one, it is also considered as a powerful...

Top 10 Hosted E-Commerce Platforms

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Thinking of starting an online shopping store? Consider looking into an e-commerce platform. A hosted e-commerce platform is basically a software service which allows users to showcase their products online. It allows merchants or designers to use a number of features and integrations to receive online payments. For merchants who...

Fresh free resources for designers

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Looking for some awesome freebies which will ease the job of web or app designing? Here is a list of fresh resources that can be readily incorporated into any project. The list includes icons, themes, layouts, UI kits and more which will make any designing job an enjoyable one. 1....

5 Sites to get free Mockups

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Mockups are probably a web designers best friend. They make a designer’s job easier and speed up the work. There are numerous sites available that offer mockups making it difficult to chose the best options. Here are some of the best online sites where elegant mockups are available for free....

12 Essential tools for startups

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The rate of technological development has created avenues for entrepreneurship. This decade has seen a rise in new businesses in part because the internet has been an effective medium for tapping market potential. A new business venture is a lot of hard work. But technologies and new platforms that can make...

Login form designs for inspiration

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Let’s face it – first impressions are very important. As much as it is true for human beings, it is equally true for websites. This is why creating an interesting login page is of absolute importance. An interesting login page will draw viewers to explore the website in detail. Similarly the...

Tips to create a personal brand

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The use of a “brand” is not just for large companies or celebrities. Developers, business owners, artists and just about any entrepreneur can better their marketability with a creative and memorable brand. A brand, basically helps businesses or individuals to create an image for everything they do so that it...