5 Lesser Known Browsers You Need to Know

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Chances are right now most people reading this article are using Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or IE rather than any other browsers. These five or six browsers have gained a tremendous following and people invariable use them for net surfing. Since these browsers are very friendly and serve almost all...

 How to Hire a Designer for your Startup 

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Times are changing; users are more into smartphones, apps and social networks. They want everything to be done on websites and just with a click. The websites need to be crisp and fresh to attract users. This has led to demand for designers. Depending on the requirements and financial status...

How to Design a Perfect Portfolio

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Whether you are a freelancer, entrepreneur or employed, your portfolio needs to be as perfect as possible. Portfolios are the best way to market yourself and showcase your talents. Portfolios can be digital or physical, depending upon the career and the objective of the work. Potential clients or employers need...

The Best iPhone Apps for Designers 

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This year professional website designers have got a handful of smart iPhone application tools to improve image resetting, content editing and website designing. Without a stylus, use your fingers to sketch layouts and draw various attractive pictures to upgrade the sites without a deterioration in quality. For organic and responsive...